2012 Christmas Home Tour

Well, it’s time to give your our Christmas tour. I’ve already shown you a few areas of our home, but there are a few new rooms and pictures sprinkled in there too. If there were ever too many pictures in one post, this could be that post. 🙂


Front Porch:

I almost thought this poor little area wasn’t going to make it through the snow and heavy wind beating a couple of days ago. I may have had to search the yard for several of the items, but here it is!

porch 1

Porch 7

porch 2

Porch 4

Porch 6

Living Room:

I already showed you our tree,  but this time we have presents under it .

living room 2



living room 5

living room 4

living room 6



Living Room 1


Dining Room:

Dining 4

Dining 1

Dining 2

Dining 3

Dining 5

Dining 6

Dining 7


kitchen 3

kitchen 6

kitchen 4

kitchen 2

kitchen 1

Here are our Christmas Shelves:


And my favorite little DIY trees:


And our fluffy cotton ball wreath:


Breakfast Nook:

With the adorable Christmas Countdown.





There it is! We’re all ready for Christmas, well, minus a few last minute Christmas gifts that are set to arrive any day. 🙂

Merry Christmas

Stay tuned tomorrow for a bit of exciting news!

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  1. Your house looks beautiful, so elegant too! 🙂 Love how you decorated outside, love your kitchen and the Christmas touches you added! Thanks for sharing your beautiful space with us! 🙂

  2. Hi Shayna! I found you through Centsational Girl earlier this week! Your home is beautiful and your taste is excellent! Love all of your holiday decor!

    – April Hoff

  3. Aww, so pretty! I used kraft paper and ribbon to wrap my presents for years. Due to budget constraints I ended up using left over paper I had purchased a while back from a sale at Target for $1.00. Kraft paper is hard to wrap.. but it’s so so so beautiful under the tree. I love Christmas decorating!

    1. Thank you Autumn! I love craft paper too! It’s easy to jazz up and it’s only a $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. That makes me happy! I love Christmas decorating too! Merry Christmas!

  4. Everything looks so fun, festive, very inviting and filled with love and charm! Hope you and your family have a truly lovely Merry Christmas, Shayna!


  5. Shayna,
    I was checking out your Christmas Home Tour for this year (2013) and hopped back to 2012s Christmas Tour. Your home was sooo festive both years! Love that you offer quick and easy craft and decorating tutorials, makes my decorating so easy….LOL! Did I spy with my little eye a dollar store snowflake ‘chain’ on your porch? How did you connect them together? I have a plethora of these large snow flakes (couldn’t get enough of them) cause I used them in my 12 ft. tree, hung them from a garland hanging from our balcony etc. but never as a ‘chain’. Now that I saw yours I want to do that too!!

    1. THANK YOU so very much, Kim! I’m so happy you enjoyed the tours! Yes, you did spy a dollar store snowflake chain on our front porch! I just connected each snowflake to the other with clear fishing line. So simple! 😀

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