Striped O

I like stripes. But I’m pretty sure that you already know that…

With the entryway having stripes, I figured the mudroom should too.

No, I didn’t paint the walls with stripes. That would be way to difficult with all of the doors and angles. Trust me. I already thought about it.

A while back I was going through a few drawers and happened to find a wooden initial for our last name. An O to be exact. At first, my plan was to wrap it in yarn. I actually started wrapping it but I quickly got bored and frustrated with it and decided to skip the whole yarn wrapped letter thing.

Then I thought about covering it in burlap… but that’s just too much burlap (is that even possible?) in one area. Scratch that idea.

Next up was paint. Easy enough. So I dug out my trusty Heather Gray paint and gave it a couple of coats.

Better. But it was still missing something. Just call it plain. Randomly, stripes entered into my brain. So, without much thought, I went with it.

Rather than having evenly spaced stripes, I thought it would be cooler to do various widths.

Honestly, I just eye balled this whole thing. Would it be bad to say that I didn’t even think about getting the tape measure? I did grab the level though…

With it all taped off, I gave it 3 coats of leftover white paint.

With the paint still wet, I quickly pulled off the tape. And prayed paint hadn’t bled through my tape…

We’re good. No bleeding! Score!

Then, I just put it on the top of our mudroom ledge.

I can’t guarantee that it’s going to live in that exact spot, but I’m happy to start adding accessories to our mudroom. I still have several more projects up my sleeve!

Big Smiles!


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