Master Bedroom Curtains

Our house is basically curtain-less. Yes, we do have bamboo blinds, but they’re a bit see through… My husband thought I was insane, literally, when we got them in the mail. He wanted me to send them back, but I couldn’t. I had to give them a chance…

They have really grown on me. Some days I go back and forth between the light color, which we have, and the dark color bamboo. I might eventually want to switch them out one by one for something darker, but I’m completely happy with them for now.

One big draw back though: they are completely see through at night! It’s not like we have to worry a ton about it. I’m pretty sure our corn and bean crops aren’t staring at us with binoculars or anything, but we did live in the city for a while and I get all sorts of freaked out thinking about what could be lurking outside in the darkness…. Let’s not go there.

Hence the need for curtain panels. Problem was I couldn’t find anything reasonably priced that I liked. Sure, if I wanted to spend $100 plus on a panel, then by all means my selection was loaded, but it wasn’t in the budget…

A while back we were at Ikea (sigh) and I ran across some extremely decently priced window panels, that came in a pair! Oh, they were the extra long length that I needed too! Yes! But, I only bought 1 package of them… That was the problem. At the time I wasn’t sure where I was going to put them.

A few weeks ago it hit me! Let’s put them in the living room and master bedroom! My sweet mother in law was making a trip to see us from the big city and I had her get all sort of window covering goodness at Ikea. She made my day! (THANKS!!!)

Curtains have seriously made all the difference!

I have to admit, the rod hardware from Ikea was so reasonable priced… like $5.00… that I almost passed on it thinking that it would be cheap! Let me just tell you that I am SO GLAD I went with it! Those $5.00 rods are WAY better than the $35.00 rods that I’ve purchased elsewhere!

I still need to find finials for the ends of the rods. But lets face it, anything is better than what we did have:

Ah, the moving days… What progress we’ve made! Just keepin’ it real!

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