Kitchen Love

It’s been an important week. One devoted strictly to my favorite room in the house, the kitchen! To say that this room has been easy, is a huge understatement. In my mind, this is the most important room in the house. It’s the heartbeat of the home. The gathering place. Simply put- it’s a big deal. And  big deals require more attention to details. We all know small details make the biggest impact in a room. So, we try and think of everything.

Since I have devoted so much time to the kitchen this week, I figured you’d like to see what I’ve been working on!

Earlier this week I quickly fell in love with this (can anyone guess why?):


Let’s take a closer look at the item that caught my eye:


Any guesses 0n what had me at hello??

Well, if you guessed the pot filler above the stove you would certainly be right. From the moment I saw that beautiful pot filler, I know it must be mine. How terrific would it be to fill up a pot of water right on your stove? Pretty stinkin’ incredible, right! The hubby thought it was awesome too! YES! Win for me!

I spent the first part of the week researching those little buggers and trying to find one in our price range…. They’re definitely pretty… but pricey! Luckily I found THE one with a perfect price tag. It made my pot filling heart sing!

Next up is this glorious built in wall that is almost identical to a wall in our kitchen.


I can’t even describe how much I love the “built in” wall look. Literally, this is almost exactly how our wall will look. Just a different cabinet color, which happens to be very similar to the island color in this picture.

The same appliance layout will apply in our kitchen, except we will have cabinets below the microwave, where this picture has a small counter top. It’s been extremely helpful to “see” how one wall in our kitchen will be.

The other portion of my week has been spent on appliances. Like, seriously, probably 72 hours. Straight. There are a TON of model/ makes available. I thought I had all of them nailed down. Then I read reviews. Back to the drawing board.

I’ve probably been to every appliance store in my town and the surrounding towns. It’s that serious. I’ve had no problem seeing things that I like on the web, it’s seeing them in person that’s the hardship. I want to touch and feel and “get to know ya” with the appliances before I buy them. That’s been the issue. I finally found THE fridge though.

It’s beautiful. And exactly what I have been dreaming of all my life.


It’s pretty! And shiny! (Insert smiley face here).

Today, though, has been spent on this little number.


I love the simple lines and the slightly (in my opinion) feminine glass top. The hubby on the other hand, likes this:


I also like the look of this range hood, but we can’t find one in the proper size and price range. Plus, I spent part of the day with our builder deciding how we want to vent it outside. Let’s just say that we have options, but trying to decide what will look better in a kitchen with vaulted ceilings it rather tricky. Decisions, decisions.

My homework tonight and tomorrow is to research how we want the vent to look. I’m visual, people. And visual individuals have to see completed images. With Sheet rock. And cabinets. And tile. And appliances.

See my problem?

I’m off to search the web! I can’t wait to see this little spot of awesomeness come to life! She’s going to be perrty. Definitely the star of the home!

Be back later….


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