Updated Entryway Art

Our entryway has had several changes since we moved in 8 months ago. Even with everything that we’ve already done, I still don’t consider the entryway finished. I keep going back to tweak and change things around.

This project is no different. I was ready for a change.

We have two frames that hold some DIY artwork. While I liked what they said, I was ready to freshen them up.

My solution? Change the color and background of the prints.

Entryway Art

I’ve been trying to incorporate pops of navy blue throughout the house and this fit that bill perfectly.

DIY Entryway Artword

DIY Entryway Artwork


DIY Entryway Artwork

I created both of the prints in Microsoft Publisher and just printed them out on heavy card stock. It couldn’t have been easier!

And best of all, it gave the entryway a much needed change.

Main Signature





  1. I am trying to match your fonts for the ‘welcome to our home’ sign, any chance you’d share those with me? Thanks, love your blog

  2. Love love love these signs!! Would you mind to email me the prints? I’d love to incorporate these in my home too! You are SO talented!

  3. I LOVE these prints…I have Microsoft publisher but still can not figure out how you created these. I would love to make some for my home. Would you be willing to share exactly how you create these prints?

    1. THANK YOU so much, Brandy! I would be happy to share how I made the prints in our entryway! I will do a tutorial and try to share it this month or in February! 😀
      Stay tuned!

  4. Stumbled across your blog looking for some DIY art ideas for my entryway. LOVE these! Would you mind sharing what the script font you used is?
    Looking over your blog, your home is gorgeous!! Exactly the kind of rustic style my husband and I hope to achieve with our new home. Beautiful!

    1. THANK YOU so very much, Nicole! So happy you found me! Welcome to The WGC! 😀
      For the font, I used AltastGreeting. It’s such a great font and I use it all the time!

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