DIY Rolling Firewood Cart

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I think this is a perfect “recycle a pallet” project!

  2. Janet says:

    This is pretty indeed 🙂 It could be used to decorate too by adding a few mums and pumpkins instead of firewood. Love the color too. Happy weekend!

  3. The girls and I were just talking about having a campfire. This is a great way to have firewood on hand without breaking your back hauling it to the fire. Thanks for sharing! ~Michelle

  4. Debbie says:

    Love it! I’m ready for a nice cozy fire!

  5. Okay.
    Bench, Fire Wood Holder… where is the fab DIY fire pit? lol.
    Get the handsome hubby on that 😉
    Looks great guys. Love all your projects!!!!

  6. jen says:

    love it! can’t wait to make one for our family!

  7. Dawna says:

    I agree …who knew stacked wood could look so amazing! But oh ya…it has an awesome blue cart to be piled up so neatly on!

  8. Shayna I’m still crushing on your firewood cart and even though the portability isn’t necessary for me I like how the wheels keep everything up off the earth and dry! Thanks for sharing this great plan.

  9. Robin says:

    I love it, now I need to make one from myself. It would be so handy.

  10. Perfect! How smart to make it rolling! Hope you get outside for a mug of cider or hot chocolate tonight! 🙂

  11. JAMES says:

    What you have made is just absolutely awesome!!
    it’s an easy build; plain, not flashy; stylish;just so cool looking!

    There is just one thing I would add to this….

    Acros the back, to keep the sides straight & upright through the years, I would add 2 pieces ….
    attach them to the side rails(one at the top & one at the bottom) and the sides will be even stronger, last longer & will have very little, if any at all, impact on great this cart looks & is.

    TY for posting this Ms.Shayna!

    • Morgan says:

      Looks great. A few questions though. You say you need a 10′ 2″x4″ but the base of the cart needs 124″ of wood (2×48″ and 2×14″) so you’re a bit short. Also you don’t give any height measurements for the vertical handles. Presumably they are 3′ tall? And lastly, some 45 degree angles pieces joining the bottom of the handles and the base would provide some extra stability in th handles. Minor details to a fun project!

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  13. This looks awesome! Great post and thank you for the detailed instructions. Will definitely be giving this a try!

  14. Rina says:

    I found enough bits of wood in the basement to give this a go today. I may add a rope pull to the base so I can roll it as needed. I’ll stain it the same colours as my deck and it’ll look custom made. Thanks for the detailed How To.

  15. […] 7. I think this one from Wood Grain Cottage is my favorite design overall because I love the casters so it can roll around and it seems very sturdy. I’m considering this design and adding a top to it. What do you think? Source […]

  16. Martina says:

    This turned out amazing! I wish I had a need for actual firewood, but both our fireplace and firepit our gas. Looks like time to DIY a log burning firepit just so I can build one of these!

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