The Office Blinds

We were able to make some great progress in the office these past few days and everything is officially coming together. I’m looking forward to being able to make the big office swap and start transferring all of my items over into the new space soon! It’s very exciting… and that means we’ll be sharing plenty of new tutorials and updates all about our new home office and how we’re going to use the space. But today, it’s all about the office blinds.

When we started making over the room, the office had cheap blinds that we’d originally hung up right after we built the house and moved in. They weren’t anything special, and they weren’t quite what I was envisioning for the new space. New blinds were a necessity, and so the search began. It didn’t last long though, because I loved the blinds that we installed in our current office (confusing, I know), and in our master bathroom. I loved the warmth they added to the space, while still bringing in the natural look from their bamboo construction. We also just installed beautiful new window trim in the room, and there was no way I wanted to cover that up, so I chose to get the same blinds as the other rooms mentioned above, but this time mount them on the inside of the window, rather than the outside. We measured the windows, and I ordered them! 

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Here’s what we ordered:

Lucky for me, we actually had a few hours to work on the office this past Sunday, so we were able to get them hung up. They’re the perfect addition to the new space.

The Office Blinds by The Wood Grain Cottage

I’m loving the warmth they add to the room, and the way they tie in with the shelves (sneak peek of those above)! Before Anthony mounted them, I had to decide on the depth at which they would hang from the window. He held them up for me, and I decided to have them sit flush with the window face/ trim…

The Office Blinds by The Wood Grain Cottage

Then we just used the brackets that came with the blinds to install them…

The Office Blinds by The Wood Grain Cottage

Such an easy but transforming addition to the room. As soon as they were up, the room felt entirely different. It was deep, warm and cozy. 

The Office Blinds by The Wood Grain Cottage

The color is exactly what I was looking for. It’s very warm with darker areas that tie in perfectly with the shelves. The blinds also look amazing with our walls.

The Office Blinds by The Wood Grain Cottage

They’re light filtering, which I love because the room doesn’t feel dark, but if I want them to be more for privacy, we’ll just install a privacy lining. We live on a farm… in the middle of fields, so we don’t really have to worry about neighbors, but I like knowing the option of the liner is there none the less.

The Office Blinds by The Wood Grain Cottage

Next up, I’ll be sharing more about the shelving. They turned out amazing, and I couldn’t be happier with the way this office is coming together! It’s refreshing, and I’m excited to make the move and then convert our old home office into the new guest room! I have a few new ideas for that room too…

One step closer! 🙂


  1. Wow, I love how the blinds warm up the gray walls (and the shelves help too)! I may be copying all of your home office decor as we are getting ready to organize and decorate a home office area in our dining room. Thanks for the inspiration! 😉

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