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Things around here have definitely been busy. We’re working on the online shop, building items to sell online and take with us to The Vintage Whites Market in Utah, and organizing our new online shopping area.

I’m sorry for not sharing any new DIY projects, but I do have several in the works, as well as several other behind the scenes items I’m working on. Bunches of you mentioned that you’d like to know more about what goes on “behind the scenes”, so I’ll be sharing more of that as well. But here’s what been going on lately…

I’ve been busy taking product pictures for the online shop, and here’s a sneak peek of a few of the items we’ll have available soon…

Batter bowl measuring cups…

Batter Bowls by The Wood Grain Cottage

And hand-made breadboards, in three different sizes…

Breadboards by The Wood Grain Cottage

Breadboards by The Wood Grain Cottage

I’ve also been working on some new pillow designs, so I’ll share another “behind the scenes” once I’m a little bit further along. In the mean time, I’ve been adding some items I’ve made, leftover items from the Colorado Vintage Whites Market, and unique finds I’ve been able to collect…

Behind the scenes by The Wood Grain Cottage

And, we were finally able to get our corn out of the field. It’s been quite the interesting year. It’s normally not standing in the field this long, and it was a huge blessing that we were able to get it combined last week…

Corn Harvest by The Wood Grain Cottage-2

Corn Harvest by The Wood Grain Cottage

Corn Harvest by The Wood Grain Cottage

And because I was so excited about it, I made the guys blueberry muffins. They were too pretty not to snap a picture of, and I already had my camera already out…

Blueberry Muffins by The Wood Grain Cottage

Blueberry Muffins by The Wood Grain Cottage

This past weekend I had a dear friend come over and help me start organizing and purging the space for our online shop storage and shipping area. Anthony and I had been using it as a storage space, and things had basically sat untouched since we moved to the property. Several of you wondered what the area above our detached garage was all about, and up until a few days ago it was strictly just storage space.

Garage Makeover by The Wood Grain Cottage

When we started brainstorming how the online shop would really work, I knew we had the perfect place. It looks a bit wonky from the outside because of the double doors, and eventually Anthony and I would like to build a deck for it, but the inside is great! Anthony and I insulated it as soon as we bought it, then we added electricity to the entire garage. My friend and I went through the boxes, made piles of things to keep, things to giveaway, and items that could potentially work as storage for the shop. I hadn’t gone through any of those things since we stashed them up there nearly 4 years ago. It is such a great feeling to have it cleaned up and off my to do list.

I’m meeting with our contractor today to give me an estimate about adding drywall and texture to the loft, so hopefully that goes well and we can move forward with it. It would function so much better if it were a finished space. Not to mention the fact that it would be a much happier place to spend time in. 😀

And that, amongst other things, is what we’ve been busy working on. I knew committing to an online shop would mean lots of behind the scenes work away from the blog. There is so much organizing that needs to take place to make things operate as smoothly as possible.

I have a few new projects to share soon, and hopefully some updates on exactly what we’re going to do with the finishing touches in our loft.

More coming your way soon… 😀

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  1. Thanks, Shayna, for all the hard work you’re putting in to satisfy all or our wishing for an online shop! I can’t wait to start shopping. One of those bread boards will be on my list of wants!!! It’s getting longer and longer!

  2. Sounds like things are really moving forward, and falling into place Shayna.
    You KNOW I can not wait to get my eyes on that loft space.
    If you were closer, I would have happily helped you purge and organize 😉
    And gotten a peek at the same time. hehehe.

  3. Dear Shayna, the anticipation is killing me. 😀 Sounds like you’re working way too hard but I’m sure it will all be worth it. I’ll be watching 😀 Sincerely, Diena <3

  4. Good Luck!! Now i’ve been very patient, but can’t hold back anymore! When are you going to show us the new house? It’s been like for ever since you’ve updated us! 😀 Hope it’s soon!

  5. How cool that you have an “at home” space to work with for now. I’m sure it will turn out great, just like your adorable home. You definitely have a good eye, vision and between you and hubby, great talents. Can’t wait until the shop is up, since I am in the Midwest. Wishing you were just a state away, then maybe I could make one of your shows and see your wares in person. Now that would be lovely. 🙂 So excited about your online shop. I would love one of those bread boards, an apron and heck, throw in one of those muffins too! They looked delicious. You are one busy couple! 🙂

  6. Your photos turned out beautifully! I can’ wait for the online shop to open- keep up the great work!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

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