Office Inspiration & A New Series

It’s amazing the things we take advantage of. Like a home office, for instance. Before we sold our house and moved, I spent so much time in our office. Between the bills, filing and working from home time to time, my office got a lot of use. Looking back on it today, I realize that it’s the simple things in life life that make me happy. Who would have thought that filing bills would have been fun, or heaven forbid, brought me joy. But now, oh ya. I crave office organization. Something fierce, really. Living out of a suitcase isn’t for the faint of heart. And cramming an entire office into expandable pocket folders is about to make my organizing lovin’ soul go mad. Seriously.

Because I also love to spend time in the room of my future office (much like my recently admitted dining room addiction), I figured I would dedicate an entire post to a space that will get my daily use and abuse. I CAN’T WAIT TO ORGANIZE! (Sorry for screaming that at you. It slipped.)

With that idea, a new series idea popped into my head. Why not do an inspiration post for every room in the house, complete with a style board? Once we’re all moved in, I’ll compare the inspiration board to the actual room. Could be kinda fun to see how the room sways me from my original ideas and inspiration.

It’ll need a name. Let’s call it:

Totally original, I know.

Without knowing it, I already kicked off the series with my post on the dining room.

Let’s dive into the second post, my office!

Here’s the plan:

(Source Information is below.)

Here are a few of my favorite inspirational photo’s.







Because it’s basically been a year since I have been able to file a document in the right folder, let alone organize and re-organize the space like I loved to do, I really want the future office to pack a storage punch! I haven’t even unpacked a single box and I already have hives. I can only imagine how un-organized everything is, especially with documents from the last year floating between homes.

My plan is to create a soothing & cheerful space that I will enjoy spending time in. I already have a good idea of the amount of hours that I’ll need to dedicate to this room. It needs to be a happy space, one that will inspire creativity. Since it will double as a home/ part time working office and a craft/ sewing room, it needs to have plenty of storage. And labels. Lots of labels.

Here’s to the office of my dreams! Hello budget!

Source Information:

Floor Lamp- World Market

White Desk- American Furniture Warehouse

Grey Chairs- Joss & Main

Birdhouse Hooks- Pier One

Green Storage Box- Amazon

White Frames- Pier One

Poppy Picture- Ballard Designs

White Credenza- American Furniture Warehouse

Blue Damask Pillows- Joss & Main

Grass Charging Station- Amazon

Stripe Painted Curtains- DIY painted curtains- picture/ inspiration from here

Table Glass Lamp- Pier One

Collapsible Seagrass Baskets- World Market

Wire Basket- Amazon

White Office Chair- American Furniture Warehouse- Can’t find… sad day.

White Filing Cabinet- American Furniture Warehouse

Chevron Painted Rug- DIY rug- picture/ inspiration from here


Well, what do you think? Are you as excited to see these rooms come together as I am? Heck to the yes!

The next post of the series will be about our Master Bedroom! Lots of work and researching to do before then! I better get busy.


    1. We totally take for granted the simple pleasures, huh? And a home office definitely falls into that category. Good luck with your new office! 🙂

  1. Hi Dear Shayna!
    I’m glad to visit your site. I want to decorate my home too.I found here When I was searching for some inspirations. I wish you have the best feelings with your new home office!
    Good Luck!

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