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  1. Linda Cole says:

    Love the updated pulls on the chest! Yes, I think you should sell these in your shop. Missed your posts. Glad you are back! Can’t wait to see what new things you have done.

  2. Amy Kaminski says:

    I’ve missed your posts too. You are so talented with a great style.

  3. Shannon Fox says:

    Looks more like “you” now!
    And my house looked like that a few days ago.
    Now, it’s shoved in Austin’s old room!!!! lol

  4. Paula says:

    Wow, what a huge impact changing the knobs made! Absolutely stunning!

  5. Kirsten Joy says:

    Yes pretty please sell the pulls? They are just what I’ve been looking for. Your home is lovely, even in the midst of christmas flurries!!

  6. Kirsten Joy says:

    Yes pretty please sell the pulls! They are just what I’ve been looking for. Your home is lovely, even in the midst of christmas flurries!!

  7. Kathy Nordmann says:

    Yes please sell the pulls! Looks great!

  8. Ardith says:

    Happy decorating to you too, Shayna. Love the pulls. By all means add them to your shop. I am actually finished with decorating, thanks to THE BRAND NEW CHRISTMAS TREE we finally got after 3 years of yearning. Now our little French Industrial Lodge is festooned with holiday goodness. Anyone interested to see how can go to my French Industrial Lodge pinboard @ https://www.pinterest.com/aesthetix/my-french-industrial-lodge/

    Cheers and Happy Holidays to all, Ardith

  9. Dianne says:

    Shayna, I love the pulls. Funny I just bought a little chest smaller but similar to yours at HomeGoods. It has 2 wider drawers at the bottom and 2 smaller ones on the top row. It also has black pulls very similar to yours, but not cast iron. It’s going in my guest room as a nightstand. I paid $129 for it and the best part is I don’t have to do a thing!!!

  10. Robbin says:

    I’ve been wondering where you were. Glad to hear from you!! Yes, I LOVE the new pulls. Totally changes the look. Can’t wait to see your holiday home! Blessings from Missouri!

  11. Linda says:

    I have almost the exact same dresser and same orig. pulls. I was just going to list for sale when I saw this post. Now I’m keeping it so I can finish it like yours, love it! Can I ask where you purchased the pulls? Will you be selling them too? I love your style and enjoy your blog!!

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