The White Kitchen Wall

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  1. liz says:

    I have been wallowing in the sea of indecision for several weeks with my kitchen walls. Should I paint the lower wainscotting white and the upper half with pale gray, or do I paint the entire wall white? I finally made up my mind to do the two colors, but after reading your post, I am back to square one!!! AAACKK!! I think I will try the two colors first – live with it for a week, then make a decision. I really, really love all of your white walls!!!!!!

  2. Belinda says:

    You are adorable and your home is so darn cute! By the way, I got my “How Great Thou Art” pillow last week ~ LOVE IT!

  3. Shonee says:

    Your home is beautiful Shayna! I love love love the planked walls! And I’m with you when it comes to white. We, too, have dark kitchen cabinets and with the open floor plan white really helps balance it all out. Thanks for sharing!


  4. carol says:

    You are so funny. I love white anything too! I’m trying to decide what color to paint my family room. Perhaps White? I wonder what the difference is between your white and. Simply White by Bm?

  5. amy says:

    Where did you buy those hooks that the aprons are on?

  6. Shea-Lyn says:

    I’ve been trying to find where this shelf is from or if you have a DIY on it. Any details on it would be much appreciated and very helpful! 🙂

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