The Online Shop Will Open On….

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  1. Patty says:

    First in line!
    Seriously, I cannot wait. I am not one to wish my life away, but Friday seems pretty far away for me right now.
    Best wishes!!!

  2. Rose says:

    Been waiting to spend my birthday money.
    Can’t wait to purchase lots from your store.

    Best of Luck to you & Anthony

  3. Shawna says:

    WooooOOOoOOOooOOOOooHooOOOoooOOOOOooo!!!! 🙂

  4. Andrea says:

    Can hardly wait. I feel like a child on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to arrive. Excited to see what goodies your shop has to offer, I know I will find lots!

  5. Suzy Voigt says:

    Let’s do this!! So excited!!

  6. dawn says:

    Congratulations……so excited for.this next journey with you… love love your blog

  7. Cherie says:

    Hi Shayna

    Just wanted to say I absolutely love your website and blog – your home is absolutely gorgeous!! I am really excited about your online shop and was wondering will you be able to ship to Australia………….cos that’s where I live.

    You have such lovely items and ideas – you don’t find those sorts of things easily down here – and if you do they cost a fortune.

    Wishing you every success!!!

  8. Sarah says:

    Great news! Congratulations!

  9. Shannon says:

    Looks at you with the sound effects and cheer-leading!
    Who knew 😉
    Can’t wait sweetie, y’all are gonna knock em’ dead!

  10. maria says:

    So excited to hear your shop is opening Friday!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!! I already have my on that pillow!! Wishing you the best! I so love your blog!

  11. Dawna says:

    Can’t wait to see what you will be offering!! You have done an amazing job getting your name out there and your products are going to be amazing!! Congrats!!

  12. April Hoff says:

    Can’t wait to see it, Shayna!!!! Woohooo!

  13. Sharon H says:

    You go girl! I’m excited to see it too!

  14. Shirley says:

    Can’t wait to see what you have in your store. Best wishes and luck as to take on this new adventure!! Love how you decorate. Just love all of your ideas of how you put things together. Blessings to you and your husband.


  15. Megan says:

    Yay, I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful items you’ll be offering for sale. I love the look of your website, your beautiful home, and the items you have featured!

  16. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Best of luck on your new venture!

  17. That was a really cute video ! I’m so happy, happy, happy for you both !! ((**)) I have a feeling that computers around the world will be crashing on Friday, haha, so i hope i can get in but if not, that only means that all of the other people are just as excited as I am. Good luck Shayna, I’ll see you soon. Sincerely, Diena <3

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