The Fear Of Making The Wrong Decorating Choices

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  1. Thank you Shayna! Such wise words spoken from experience!

  2. Kathy Frye says:

    So many of these hit home with me, but the one that hits the hardest is…I have a problem with overthinking a renovation. Then when I talk with friends and they make other “trendy” suggestions, I overthink whether or not I’m overthinking what I’m thinking. lol You get it…I’m a mess and a procrastinator! I did however, recently finished a renovation of the master bathroom in our house…and after several overthinking episodes of changing my mind on design, paint, decorations, etc., I went back to my initial design board and absolutely LOVE the finished product. Black is way out of my comfort zone, but I painted the top third of the walls black (after putting six other color samples on the wall), installed board and batten painted white, installed wallpaper on the mirror wall, new mirrors, new light, new faucets and new floating shelving. Every time I walk into my new (mostly) black and white bathroom, it brings me joy! My husband (who works out of town and didn’t help with the renovation, but did not want me to paint the walls black) told me this week that he also loves it and that I did a magnificent job on it!

    • Shayna says:

      Oh man! Overthinking things is my speciality! I totally understand! I’m so happy you pushed through and took action! Your bathroom sounds lovely! Great job! 🙂

  3. Terry says:

    …and then our fear gets reinforced when a) we do all the research, consult professional advice and stick with the rules of thumb – and still don’t like the result, and b) we post on a chat forum asking for input and get snark and should-haves – at a basic design level, not even in regard to my questions – instead of constructive comments.

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