Thanksgiving Black & White Pillow

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  1. Ali says:

    I love it! And just image that the poly-fill poking through is remnant chalk dust to make it look even more like a chalk board 🙂

  2. Stephanie C says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! My gears are turning….I have a bunch of heavy drop cloths from Harbor Freight that cost me peanuts. (Made curtains with them) I think I will use that material to make these pillows and use red or black paint for the writing. Looking forward to you sharing your new designs for the Vintage Whites Market!

    • Stephanie C says:

      *The heavy drop cloths are the cotton canvas ones. 😉

      • April says:

        Thanks for the tip! I bought my drop cloths at Home Depot, but would like to check HF to see if they are different or less expensive. She has my gears turning too. Looks like an easy fun project.

  3. Oh so pretty, I love it and I love your throw, I have the same one and it is fabulous.

  4. leann anuraga says:

    Could you tell me what font you used on the black and white pillow?

  5. Hi Shayna, I just love your pillow (s), ( and the throw, you girls must spill the beans on where you shop 😀 !) Can you please tell me what you do with the butcher paper and the iron ? Obviously I’m new to stenciling on material, lol, but I guess your never too old to learn new things. It’s such a darling idea, I can’t wait to get started on something, anything !! I’m looking around right now to see what I can stencil, pillow, throw, dog, oops better not !! 😀 Thanks again for all the inspirations and i hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Holiday season. Sincerely, Diena <3

  6. Wow, that pillow came out great. Nice work Shayna!

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