Scrap Wood File Folders

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  1. Ummm… LOVE this!!!! Seriously, so awesome I want to copy cat this all over the place! Squeal!!!

  2. Anna says:

    ditto what BrocanteuseRose said…

    my house would totally benefit from some of these wood magazine holders. I cannot wait to see some pics of the office once you are “done”!

  3. Those are awesome and I want to make some for our home too! Thanks for sharing the instructions. You guys make an awesome diy team.

  4. Ka-ute.
    Dontcha love scrap wood?
    And handy hubbies.
    Super idea and perfect for the new office :)))

  5. Michelle says:

    These are super Shayna. Great idea!

  6. These file folders are brilliant! I love the rustic look! Gotta have Bobby make a couple for me!

  7. Cindy says:

    What a fantastic idea!! Love it and I love the rustic look and feel!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Brandi says:

    Your projects are always so inspiring. I love everything that you share. The file folders are functional and gorgeous.

  9. I just happen to have a “master of power tools” that I’m going to have create me a few of these boxes! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. […] tried… man did I try to get it to work for me, not against me. We made new organizing items, painted cabinets to hold supplies, brought in different furniture pieces, built shelves, etc., […]

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