Our 2013 Project List & Goals

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  1. nowathomemom says:

    Love your new site, it’s beautiful! Got your e-mail as usual 🙂

  2. […] I mentioned in our 2013 project list, one of our goals is to finish the breakfast nook. After what seemed like a high and low search for […]

  3. […] when I told you about the project goal list for 2013? Well, today we’re going to be exploring number # 3 on that list: Kitchen […]

  4. […] trip was a big success. I like bottles. I think they’re cool. And if when we ever do my dream plan for the dining room, we’re going to need some […]

  5. […] fair, I’ve been working on the dining room in my head for months. I even mentioned it in our goal list for 2013. I’ve tried to hold off on adding another project room, but I can’t get the dining room […]

  6. […] I told you that our master bedroom was home to about 6 unfinished projects, I really wasn’t kidding… Please tell me I’m not the only one with a room like […]

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