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  1. Corrinne says:

    You go, girl!

  2. pamela says:

    Sounds like you have been just a tad busy. Just do the best you know you can and leave the rest to God.
    I have this sign that reads like this.
    this is
    I will be handling all of your problems today.

    I will not need your help.

    Have a nice day.

    Take care of you!
    Have a great Weekend

  3. Patty says:

    And I bet your friend is super excited to be a part of your journey.
    I am waiting…..hear my fingers lightly tapping the computer? That pillows that you show is the first thing on my list. That was my dad’s favorite song and to have that in my home would mean the world to me, so yes, I will be here when you open, with my credit card ready. And a smile on my face…..for both of us.

  4. Kimberly H. says:

    We are so anxious to hear that your shop will be opening soon! You are so very inspiring!! Thanks for your wonderful posts!

  5. Lori says:

    Good luck, Shayna! I know you’ll do great. We are often hardest on ourselves! Make sure that your health and happiness and that of your family comes first. That’s the most important.

  6. Peg says:

    You are way too hard on yourself! I love your blog and
    I love your home! I could look at your home tour again
    and again and find something new to admire each and
    every time! Also, the picture of you and Anthony in this
    post is adorable! Don’t ever change Shayna, we love you!

  7. Fear not!! We are so proud of you and know first hand how hard it is to try to get everything done. Please remember we are your fans and friends. You would never say the things you say to yourself to me or your other friends. Don’t say those things to or about yourself. You are doing the best you can. That is enough. Just got a great idea from Flip It. Turn the why to how. We are so proud you things are beautiful and make a house a home.

  8. Amy K says:

    Love your blog. Love your home. Can’t wait for the store to open. You’ve done a great job and you certainly are destine for more wonderful things. Keep the faith!

  9. Sue says:

    All the readers following you, believe in you and we will wait patiently, because “good things come to those who wait.”

  10. Mae says:

    Be kind to yourself. There is a steep learning curve, take time to enjoy the ride and don’t fret. When it happens it will be wonderful and worth the wait! Take care of you.

  11. Erin Prohaska says:

    Hi Shayna,

    Long time follower and drooler of all things on your blog. I’m not one to leave many comment on blogs but thought I’d chime in to say…thank you for all the time, thought and inspiration you’ve given me and every other drooling follower out there. Although you are definitely at the top of my list of favorite blogs and I prioritize your posts…I realize I get to read it for free. I pay you nothing to give me so much…eye candy for days alone! I know you receive money indirectly through readership but again I do not pay you a dime to not only continually whip out blood sweat and tears filled projects but to take the time to document it all carefully for me (and the others). My point, I can wait…we all can wait! And when you have the time to post your crazy gorgeous creations, we’ll continue to love it without sitting back and watching our clocks wondering where you are (at least I hope nobody is doing that!) Coming from someone who very much cares about the things I do and the people I do it for, I know there is a weight that comes with it. I’m glad you found someone to help offset the burden. Just remember you owe us nothing…but I did feel like I owed you a thank you and it was time to say so! I know you have deadlines beyond readers but when it comes to us I know you can relax and give yourself a break. I’ll stop taking more of your time now and leave you with one last huge thank you! Your inspiration has been so appreciated and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store (no pun intended )…when YOU’RE ready! P.S…no need to feel guilty for not responding! 🙂 Carry on and best of luck!

    • Kirsten Joy says:

      I totally second this! A big thank you, Shayna! And thank you Erin for showing an example of thankfulness and kindness. This is what its all about 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Well said, Erin! My thoughts, exactly!!
      Thanks for the great blog, Shayna! I really don’t have a lot of time to read blogs; so of all the many, many blogs out there, there’s a handful or so that I enjoy reading regularly and yours is always one of my first picks! I love your writing style, your home décor, your projects… your everything!! You have inspired me to tackle DIY projects that I otherwise shoved to the side, saying “I’m not a diy-er” Thanks for all you do, Shayna!!! Take Care!

  12. Kirsten Joy says:

    Funny timing…I just discovered you this past week, and I’m already hooked! I spent the afternoon re-covering my ironing board this afternoon thanks to you. Im all signed up and excited to follow you on your journey. Blessings!

  13. Rose says:

    Dear Shayna ~
    What a beautiful letter you prepared for all your readers.
    I think everyone is getting so excited for your shop to open, because we all love everything you create.

    God Bless you honey, and continue to be there with you every step you take.
    Take care of your health it is so important to listen to your Body – when it says you are tired sit and rest.
    I know how important health is to your body. I am finally listening to the inner Rose.

    I love, love, love your hair…It looks so pretty darker.
    You have such an adorable kind face, I wish I lived closer to you – I would help you in a minute.
    Enjoy your weekend and don’t work too hard.
    Much love

  14. Diane Weeks says:

    I’m so happy that things are going so well that you require help. It’ll be a blessing for both of you. I like that you keep God foremost in your decision making and I can sense Him here on your blog. Peaceful. Your blog is a blessing and I love the picture with you and your husband. Be blessed! Diane

  15. Sarah says:

    You are amazing! I SO enjoy reading your blog and watching you grow. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!

  16. Gwen says:

    Just a note. I enjoy your blog. Like your ambition. I’m not one that minds waiting. I have an injury so I don’t have a clear time reference. I don’t feel like I’ve been waiting too long. I enjoy the day to day. Now I’ll pray for you. I have the time.

  17. I adore that photo of you and Anthony! Can’t wait to see the shop when it launches. Take your time! 🙂

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  20. Catherine says:

    The fact that you are so talented, willing to share with all of the tutorials, AND offer an online store for those of us who um… well… just don’t make it look as good as you do (have epic fails, work in progress still three weeks later) already makes you our hero 🙂 Remember all of us are human too, and we are all in AWE of your talent!! Take time, relax, we love what you’re doing!!

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  22. Stephanie says:

    LOVE these pics of you + Anthony! I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now and your home is absolutely beautiful! I’ve also noticed that you’ve been opening up a little more as of recently so we feel like we’re getting to know the person behind the blog, and behind the gorgeous pictures. Can’t wait to see what those secret projects are, and for your online shop to open! Thank you for all that you share with us Shayna, and Happy Fall! xo

  23. […] first, I want to sincerely thank you for all of your support. As I mentioned in the latest shop update post, this hasn’t been the easiest thing for me to do. It’s required tremendous amounts of […]

  24. Lori says:

    I feel your pain… I have a very busy website as well and just me to do it all! It is exhausting, people have no idea!… but very rewarding 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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