1. karin says:

    Shayna, I love the step stool and I agree with you; I LOVE this paint!
    It was so exciting to work with I can’t wait to paint more.
    Your step stool turned out great!

  2. Bliss says:

    I think I want something in that color, love it. And I am eying up your caged toilet paper too, like that as well. And while I was here had to take a home tour, all three parts. So if you need me, I’ll probably be hanging out at your house all day.

  3. How can something so little, be so cute?
    That is a lot of texture and yummy layers.. and nooks&crannies on one little step stool.
    I love it!!!!
    The color is perfect in your bath. Subtle, with just a hint of happy (:

  4. Umm, my dear Shayna, I must confess, I’m kind of obsessed with your blog. and your house. In a totally non-creepy way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love this stool. Have spent many moments staring at your dining room shelves. Covet the apple wreath. What are “we” making tomorrow? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Diane Zueck says:

    Shayna, I must be kin to you. I also love little stools. For some odd reason they speak to me. Maybe because I envision little ones using them to wash their hands. For whatever reason, I just love your little stool. It turned out perfect. I am on the lookout for some stools when I go to second hand stores. Gotta get me some stools to love!! And like Kimm, I do kinda obsess over your blog.

    • Shayna says:

      Oh, Diane! THANK YOU so much for the lovely comment! I feel the same way about those little stools! So happy you love the blog! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. stephanie c says:

    What a cute little stool! I bet your hubby could make you a few of these. My mind is on Fall decorating right now and I can see one of these stools on my front porch with a mum on it and a couple pumpkins on each side. Just adorable!!

  7. Such a sweet little stepping stool and you breathed new life into with the paint makeover! It’ll be so a treasure in the home for many years!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  8. […] April gave this cute step stool a makeover… and I think we all know how I feel about step stools…. […]

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