Living Room Shelving

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  1. Looks wonderful Shayna! Love the height and all the open shelving. Perfectly styled too 😉 It’ll be really fun for Fall and Winter. It’s so fun changing things up. Why not? We get such enjoyment out of it. Loving the silver platter too. Great find!!

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so much, Shannon! I am so happy with the change, it’s propelled me to do a bit more of it!
      And I’m already looking forward to fall and winter decor. 🙂

  2. Brittany Fry says:

    This looks great!! I love the little globe…I have been looking for some globes to decorate in our house with but haven’t been having very much luck. So cute though!!!

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so much, Brittany! I was so happy to bump into that little globe. I couldn’t grab it fast enough! 🙂
      I hope you find some!

  3. leslie5784 says:

    Very nice, tidy presentation. Interesting and pleasant composition w/o clutter. I, too, have a living room that is rarely used but it’s nice to keep it light and interesting. BTW, the tray is hammered aluminum which was very popular from the 30’s through the 50’s and often given as a wedding gift. Fun vintage stuff that doesn’t require the polishing like silver or silver plate. Personally I like it better as I am not a fan of shiny and/or sparkly stuff. It’s fun to change things up!

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so much, Leslie! And I can’t thank you enough for giving me a bit of background on the hammered tray. I knew it was special, but now I’ll treasure it even more!

  4. April Hoff says:

    Love the switcheroo! Your shelf styling is fabulous! 🙂 I have done the least amount of work to my living room too…which is strange considering that it’s the biggest and most-used room in the house.

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so much, April! I’m loving the switch too… we should make a pact to spend more time and energy on our living rooms! 🙂

  5. Pamela says:

    That is a great shelving piece! Love the changes.

  6. M says:

    I love your style, beautiful…so cozy & inviting! I <3 the switch/shelf, love it!!!
    Blessings & <3

  7. linda says:

    I love it! The shelf looks like it was made for that spot. I have a secretary almost like that in my entry!

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so much, Linda! I agree, it couldn’t be more perfect for the spot! 🙂
      I love those secretary’s!

  8. Alisa says:

    Love It! Love your website – I get a ton of ideas from it! And I really like how you show the detail from the beginning to the end of your room/project changes (not everyone does that ya know)!!

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so much for the super sweet comment, Alisa! I’m happy you like the detail pictures too! I’m a visual person, so there’s no other way to do it! 🙂

  9. It looks gorgeous Shayna! Every time I see pictures of your beautiful home is seems so restful and peaceful. Your shelf looks perfect there and you are a MASTER of vignettes! Fabulous stying! I am sharing this today on my facebook page…
    – Krista

  10. Marilyn says:

    I’m such a big fan of open shelves, particularly baker’s racks.

    My biggest problem is trying to find just the right items to display! I don’t have abundant storage in my house to make the shelves strictly decorative, I have to have items displayed that are functional as well. I’m always looking for ideas, as to how to do this.

    I love what you’re doing and how you’re doing it! 🙂

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  11. Crystal says:

    It’s amazing what a little change can do to a room. That shelf is perfect in that space (although I love that sweet little secretary too). I have actually been looking for a shelving unit just like this. I wonder if Hobby Lobby delivers? I love the one from WestElm (Parsons Tower) but can’t bring myself to pay that much. Love the striped wall too!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Crystal @

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so much, Crystal! I love both the secretary and the shelving… but I’m so thrilled with the change! It’s practically made for the space! 🙂
      I’m not sure if Hobby Lobby delivers, but it’s worth asking!
      Have a great weekend!

  12. nowathomemom says:

    I love open shelving Shayna! 🙂 it’s so pretty how you styled it! I love switching furniture around too and I really love how your house always look so pretty & yes, I’m sure it will be fun styling it for the Holidays! 🙂

    • Shayna says:

      THANK YOU so much, Ingrid! I’m totally loving the furniture switch… and I’m already looking forward to switchin’ things up when the mood strikes! 🙂

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