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  1. Jo says:

    My heart goes out to your husband. Since August, 2015, I’ve been dealing with back/sciatica issues. I had surgery in April, 2016 which helped 100% – until December, when the problem came back on the other side. My doc got me in for the preliminary visit, an MRI and surgery, all within one week. I cannot speak highly enough of him. I feel I’m on the road to recovery. I don’t know where you live, but if you can’t find any relief there, I urge him to come see my doc in Edina, MN. The company is Twin Cities Orthopedics. With my initial sciatica, I went to the chiro for several months with no positive results, I had two cortisone injections, which did nothing. Finally the doc said I need to see a surgeon. If you want more info, contact me. Good luck!

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  3. Tracy Fowler says:

    Have you looked at the sofa’s that recline? We have 2 leather ones and absolutely love them!
    We have used them many time when when sick and needed to sleep “propped up”.
    Prayers for continued healing and health.

  4. Dianne says:


    I’m not a huge fan of fitting recliners into a living room space, but I must tell you that we actually have 2 of them and a sofa. My husband and I can be found every evening in our recliners and never on the sofa. I had a full knee replacement 5 weeks ago and don’t know what I’d have done without my recliner. My husband enjoys napping in his. You might want to google La-Z Boy and see if you can find a dealer near you, they carry so many styles and can order them in a huge variety of fabrics. Our latest one is a mushroom/taupe color that I love. Good luck!

  5. Jenny says:

    My uncle is a farmer, and boy do farmers work HARD! He has had back issues for 20 yrs and had tried many things. It would get so bad it would basically get stuck and he would be bent over. Yet we never heard him complain. The thing that sucked was it took that long for it to finally show up on an MRI. He finally went to a back clinic in Phoenix who treat a lot of farmers (!) and his back is waaay better. He had laser surgery on 2 discs and 1 needed reg surgery to scrape it. So there is hope! My prayers are with you. Its been a sick winter for us, our kids nonstop sick, the last being the flu. My 3 yr old was in the hospital in.nov too so its been tough. Know that you are not alone. Anyway I love your house and love getting ideas for me own!

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