How I Organize My Spices

Clean & Organize

  1. Mary Kaiser says:

    You go girl! So glad you show us the real, love that about you. Thanks for keeping it real!

  2. Jeanne says:

    I’m must get a black chalk marker (didn’t even know they existed!) and those jars-
    Thank you for the great idea- I like the idea of putting the most used spices at the front of my cabinet, but I may need to alphabetized the rest of them… ?

  3. Nancie says:

    I have similar spice jars that I bought a few years ago. I love your spice cabinets, wish I had them. However, mine are in a drawer next to my oven which serves its purpose. I love when things are organized

  4. Your post came at the right time! I have a blog and have been quite discouraged lately. I am tired of the feeling to “keep up” and I’m even unsure about the importance of Instagram. I just don’t want to compare all day long. So I’m going to take a trip and rethink some strategies/priorities. I too try to keep it real and I’m even using Pinterest less because of the ads and staged photos. Thanks for being real. Let’s persevere!

    • Shayna says:

      Hi Stefaney! I am so sad to hear you are discouraged. Blogging is a hard thing… stay true to yourself and share what you love. It may not always be the most popular thing, but you’ll have genuine readers who get excited for your latest post. I’d also recommend that you “blog with blinders on”. Don’t let yourself step into the comparison game. If you do, your creativity will be zapped and nothing will flow right! Do YOUR thing! 🙂

  5. Kathleen says:

    Oh, Dear! You are a girl after my own heart! To hear that it took you almost a year to actually get to your project to organize your spices makes my little heart sing! That would be me, and it’s so very delightful to have you share your own “procrastination” (shall we say), on this!?!
    I am enamored with those little jars ~ I must get some! The closest IKEA here is far north of our home, so one outside Austin (right near one of our daughter/& family’s home), will probably get my business! We’ll possibly get *there* (where four grandkids are) much sooner than going way across the Dallas area suburbs!
    The narrow shelves are a great idea ~ I have seen a larger one, built to roll in/out and placed between end cabinets and the refrigerator. It does require less advance planning, I guess, but I prefer the close proximity of yours to the places where the shelved items will be used!
    Keep the ideas coming, Shayna … you’re an inspiration!

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