Happy Fall- Stick Style & A New Series!

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  1. Like your project! Good idea! good for Christmas too! 🙂

  2. Frances Brockman says:

    Hi Shayna, I am fairly new to Pinterest and on the DIY boards I see a picture of a flag using sticks but can’t find the link for it. Since you have a “thing” for sticks (so do I–we have several willow trees in our yard that loose branches during the winter, especially in the high winds like we are having today) I thought you might know where I could find it. I just need to know how to put it together…I’ll keep looking on your site in case I’ve missed it there. Thanks for any help you can provide!

  3. […] I like to use the sticks. (See here, here or here for […]

  4. […] I made words from cattail reeds and used the same tutorial as my last stick words. […]

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