Getting Ready For The Vintage Whites Market

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  1. Mary Barber says:

    I can’t wait to hear how your market went. Your’s is my favorite blog. I don’t always comment, but I so enjoy it. You give me inspiration……..

  2. Mary Sosa says:

    Thank you for sharing your posts–I always took forward to them. They are inspirational on many levels!
    Good luck on your Vintage Whites Market. I can’t wait to hear how things went. The tags and sign look wonderful…I hope ALL your SOLD tags get used up!

  3. Diva Kreszl says:

    This is all so lovely and I am certain you are going to be quite successful. I especially love the tags, I can’t tell you how many items I have bought because I loved the tag, wrapping or presentation! It is all part of the total package and can really tip me to purchase an item I might otherwise be on the fence about. Looking forward to hearing about your show experience soon.

  4. I’m so excited for you and your husband. What a wonderful, exciting time for you now. I can’t wait to see all of your products (if there are any left 😀 ) so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for mysel , lol. I wish you all the luck on new adventure and look forward to seeing all the pictures and products when you have recouped. ( : Sincerely, Diena

  5. P.S. I adore the aprons and tags 😀

  6. Good luck! Your things are beautiful, I”m sure they will be very popular. Wish I was closer so that I could come and shop!

    Sincerely, Your Biggest Fan 🙂

  7. So excited for you guys!!
    I know it’s been a lot of work, dreaming, prep and love to get ready.
    It’s going to be a wonderful experience and I know your things will be well received!!
    Can’t wait to see more. More pics and more peeks.
    Luv ya!! ~Shan

  8. chris aka monkey says:

    shayna your excitement jumps right off the screen you keep that attitude and you will do fantastic xx

  9. Dawna says:

    How exciting!! I love all the ideas you have come up with…great great ideas!! I enjoy marketing and the fine little details that make such a difference in seeing a product look good on the shelf! Your items are going to look amazing! Wish I was closer to come to your sale,,,,,I attended a vintage white sale in Somers MN, and it was fun! Maybe it is a good thing I am no where near your neighborhood…could be dangerous! Have an awesome sale and I as sure you are going to run out of SOLD tags!!

  10. kathy combs says:

    I love the aprons. You make me enthusiastic about trying some of these projects. I love the $30 Thursday’s.
    would love to have one of your apron if they are for sale. Good luck with the sale I know you’ll do great !!!!
    Can’t wait to see more thing’s from your home.
    Blessing to all~Kat

  11. Carol says:

    All the very best for a successful market… they are gonna love you!!!

  12. Barbara Ann says:

    Oh I’m so jealous. .if it was later in the month I’d be hitting the road. I love your branding ideas. And love the SOLD tags. I hope you use them all. Take lots of pictures for those of us who are living through you. 🙂
    Barbara Ann /shop/barbaraannscreations

  13. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Waiting to hear more about your experience at Market!
    Give me details on the black chalk marker that can be wiped clean. Please
    Details needed as to where to purchase. Thanks.

  14. Rose says:

    Hi Shayna ~~
    How exciting ~ I wish I lived closer, I would be there.
    I remember the first time I received an order and sent it out, it was scary putting your tag inside the package and hoping that the person loved it.
    Everything I have seen you create is just beautiful, don’t be nervous, just be so proud that you are doing what your talents are. You are already a success.
    God Bless you and your new business.
    Much love,

  15. April Hoff says:

    I hope you’ll be taking lots of pictures of your booth! I can’t wait to see this all come together!

  16. Nicole says:

    Congratulations! I wish you nothing but the best. Looking forward to the pictures 🙂

  17. Cindy says:

    Wishing you the best of luck next weekend! Your items are beautiful and you and Anthony have so much talent! How much fun is that to be working side by side with your hubby! I just know this will be such a wonderful experience for you- you better make sure you have a huge stack of those Sold tags!:) Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  18. EJ says:

    By far my most favourite blog! Your style & consistent creative designs will bring you a ton of success now, at the market and in the future. Looking forward to what you will share with us all in 2015.

  19. Shayna-
    I am completely in love with the new look and adore all the product ideas… You do great work my, friend! 🙂

  20. Debbie says:

    I would love one of each – of everything you create!! Can’t wait to hear about the sale!

  21. valerie hernandez says:

    Can’t wait to see you at the market on Saturday!

  22. Julie says:

    I love your site. Just found you on pinterest! I’m thinking about doing a craft show soon. But I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I LOVE the metal tags. Good Luck!

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