Fixer Upper Update: Paint and Flooring

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  1. kristin says:

    OH MY! This is why I would love to flip a house. You get to impart all your style on a home! LOVE the closet doors in the Onyx with the barn door style. Love the plank wall. LOVE the built in you are saving. You are so dang lucky! Great work!!

  2. It is looking amazing. I love how you did the trim to make the doors look like barn doors and painting them gray is perfect. Really pretty.

  3. Peg G says:

    You are doing a great job. I did this when I was about your age on an Italianate brick built in 1865. Woodwork wasn’t painted but had had cherry stain put on top of the old checked varnish. Took it all off. So many stories, look back now and wish that I could do it again. I really had fun even though the stairway took one year to get done. 77 spindles long banister that my girls had to wax with paste wax when they had not listened as teens and then when it dried. It had to be polished to get the old paste was off and shiny.. They are now approaching 50 and they even laugh about it because they hated it soo much. They tried so hard not to get caught. Then there were two boys and even more stories. Great fun times. Enjoy, Someday it will be a memory for sure!!!

  4. Lee Teague says:

    I love the closet doors!

  5. I LOVE the flooring you chose for the house! The color and width are amazing… and of course I love how you are adding paneling!
    The closet doors are amazing too!

  6. Flortec says:

    You did a fantastic job! I love the colors of Benjamin Moore paint, it is my favorite. The hardwood floors look fabulous.

  7. Judy E says:

    Hi, I love your blog, and love watching your remodel come along. I am looking for the colors you are using for painting in our new home when we close escrow soon. Is the Benjam Moore Classic Gray a pale gray (sorry, the coloring on my computer makes it impossible to judge this)? I would like a very pale gray on the walls and a bright white on all the trim. It looks like this is what you are using, am I correct? Any help is appreciated. Our home was built in 1979, has small windows and bad lighting, so we are going to try to brighten it up as best we can! Thanks!

    • Shayna says:

      Hi Judy! Yes, the colors I’ve used are Classic Gray for the walls and Super White for the trim. They are both Benjamin Moore colors. The Classic Gray is a very soft, clean color with only a hint of gray. I love how it looks with the floors and crisp white trim and cabinets! Love it! 😀
      I hope that helps!

      • Judy E says:

        Yes, thanks! We are scheduled to close escrow two weeks from today, and I am already imagining my walls/ceilings/trim in these two colors! It will look so nice, thanks again for the help.

  8. Mary bennett says:

    i would love to know more about your wood floors.mmthey are lovely please tell me more.mmwhere are they from and the color. My hank you

  9. Tricia DeHaan says:

    What are deminsions of the shower stall?

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