DIY Basement Shelving

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  1. Anne says:

    I love your new shelves. They’ll look wonderful with all your jars filled come this fall. I noticed that you had your canner sitting on one of the shelves. I’ve canned for years, and let me tell you something that will save you tons of time–a pressure canner. I don’t even own one of those canners like you have anymore. You can preserve everything with the pressure canner–fruits, vegetables, meats. They’re a little expensive, but so worth it if you’re going to be doing a lot of canning. Try it. You’ll love it.

  2. Wonderful shelves. There is nothing prettier than a full pantry. Best of luck with your garden.

  3. mary h says:

    Oh my, love the shelves, my hubs did this a long time ago in our house, i was lucky to have a dad and dad in law that worked with wood so i learned a lot from them as well. by the way you and your hubs are such a cute couple and good looking, i dont know what i enjoyed more your shelves or hubs working on them. Have fun filling your new shelves.

  4. Diane W says:

    I was going to tell you to put a lip on all sides of all shelves. After all that hard work, you dont want to lose any. I can lots every summer. Always plan to scale back and it hasnt happen yet. After raising 7 children, it’s pretty much me and hubs now. I love your style totally. I love bringing twigs and branches in from our woods.

  5. Robbin says:

    I love those shelves!!! Definitely put a “lip” on them. Canning is hard work and you sure don’t want your beautiful food to get knocked off the shelves :)! We are “canners” too. We didn’t even have a garden last year and my pantry shows it. The hubs has already plowed our garden this year, but no planting yet . . . just a little too early. Looking forward to some blog posts on your way of canning food. Blessings from Missouri!!

  6. Carol Killian says:

    Dear sweet friend,
    Those shelves are wonderful. I showed them to my sweetheart(husband). He built me two several years ago. Now, they are full, mostly green beans. I have learned to keep the lids and seals upstairs because the dampness can cause rust. Also, I turn my jars upside down to keep dust out of them. My mother has canned all my life, but I only started in 2008. If you do not have The Ball Blue Book of Preserving, buy it. WalMart has it. If you cannot find it, send me your snail mail. I have several books on my tablet and other hard copies, but it is my go to for information. The internet is also helpful. Happy canning from middle TN!

  7. We’ve had these in our basement, but I just had my husband build me some in our garage. LIFE. CHANGING!! Can’t wait to see all of those beautiful jars filled. I LOVE canning!!

  8. Amanda says:

    How far apart were your shelves in height? From the math I would say roughly 15 in. Apart, but looking at it, it looks like you have more than that in space between the shelves. Thanks by the way for the info. I am planning on building some shelves for my basement.

  9. Akinds says:

    I have all these 2×4’s and plywood that my dad stuck in my garage over a year ago. Now I know what I’m going to do with it ? Thank you for doing a step by step. I hope mine’s is just as beautiful.

  10. Jeff Brimhall says:

    What are those little blocks under the corners of each of your shelves and why are they there?


  11. […] DIY Basement Shelving – First, I decided on a size for our shelving. Our basement isn’t finished yet, but we do have a pretty good idea for the floor plan down there, so we built the shelving to fit the space that will be for my fruit room, or also known as the cold storage … […]

  12. Tk says:

    This looks like a great progect! I myself have shelves and shelves AND sheves;)
    With disasters that can happen where ever you live, we did this.
    Bolt a ring screw to each 4×4 through the sheet rock at intervals so that you can tie your sheves to the house. (Earthquake,tornado, ect.) Then get bungee cords with hooks on the end to go around your breakables and hook them to the bolts that you put in the 4x4s.. when you look at it like this.. movement. It makes you redo where you put your glass. And heavier items.

  13. Mike says:

    Total cost of he project? Thanks

  14. Steven says:

    With the COVID-19 pandemic going on I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, so I decided to clean and organize my garage. My wife and I pay for a storage unit for all of our holiday decor and we thought we could X it if we built shelving in the garage. I followed this build pretty much spot on with the exception of leaving the bottom shelf out on the larger 8’ side to make room for larger items. Turned out great! No more storage unit!!!

    • Russell Daines says:

      Same here! Just bought a house before the whole CoVid mess and now have lots of time to make a proper space to store our camping and outdoor supplies in our basement, can’t wait to get started on this!

  15. Jordan says:

    FYI that is not plywood, but is OSB. It would be best if you could update the list and instructions accordingly. Plywood is a bunch more expensive than OSB, and wouldnt want someone to waste money on plywood if not needed.

  16. Youknow says:

    Looks like something I need to do. My mother has a three-car garage packed full of junk! Heck she needs to throw things away… RIGHT… wait for the third-degree scolding.

  17. Stan says:

    Hi, I’m french sorry for my english. I saw your shelves on instagram and it’s a beautiful project.
    It’s a good idea for futur shelves in my basement.
    Thank you

  18. Boyd says:

    What is the reason for placing the shelf on top of some small blocks in the end? Is it important for air to be able to flow underneath for some reason?

  19. Cindy Klepacz says:

    Love these and I’m going to make them this weekend. However I’d love to know what the make and model of the circular saw your husband used to cut the osb board? I’m afraid I’ll get one that’s too powerful for me and I like how that one rests on the osb board. Thank you for the detailed post I think even I can make these!

  20. gwammah says:

    When we built our house many years ago, the storage room was the first room to be finished. Our storage was immediately stowed away and made life so much easier while we worked on the rest of the house.
    (We lived in our shop, 40×60, one big room for two years while building the house. Nice to be mortgage free!)

  21. Sam says:

    Great looking shelves! In one of your pictures it looks like Anthony is using some sort of screw toe nail jig to attach the back supports. Is that a Kreg pocket hole jig? If not, can you tell me what brand it is? Also, since you didn’t have access to put screws in the end of the middle two shelves on the left side of the longer section, did he toe nail the screws there as well? Thanks!

  22. Dan P. says:

    Very nice shelves, and informative post. I’m living in a remote part of a 3rd world country so shelves like these would be nice to have in any house… and not limited to the basement, because basements don’t really exist in the tropics lol

  23. This shelves are very good. I need something like it. Can you tell me the cost?

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