My Christmas Wish List

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  1. Linda Cole says:

    Love your Christmas list! I especially love the buffalo check pants and yhe duck boots. I already have the duck boots. You should get them; they are so comfortable!! Hope you get some if these for Christmas. Merry Christmas, Shayna!!

  2. DiNne says:

    Hi Shayna,
    Thanks for your lists, they are great. Question about your last list that had the 3 gold stacking rings from Etsy? I’ love the way they are shown, with a space between each one. But reading the description it appears that they would just slide together looking like one ring? Is this the case? I much prefer the way they are shown.

  3. Amy K says:

    Ditto Ditto and more Dittos!

  4. Gwen says:

    If you’ve been a good gal!!! You’ve made it very easy for Santa to shop???!!
    I love your pots and pans. Crush!!! The color!!!
    I do not really want anything this year. I miss my Mom who passed away late Sept. I got their octagon table –yes it is an octagon!!– I grew up loving to say that? I got their coffee table and my hubby adapted an idea off a pottery barn coffee table only we made this a sofa table. I’m a bit nervous about finishing the paint and waxing. Those are my gifts. I want my husband’s major surgery to go well –my daughter who has cancer to have a safe delivery of our grandson and she be okay. Most of all I am thankful for my Savior. Keep my eyes on You Lord in these days of my disability and make me a light to others from my home.
    I pray you are well. And harvest done. I enjoy your willingness to share fun things with us over these years!!! You are a bright spot ?
    Merry Christmas and keep being Good??

  5. Linda says:

    Nice wish list! Hug and prayer for Gwen (previous comment). Checked on buffalo check pants; out of stock! May not restock! My daughter would have loved those! Have a happy Christmas!?

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