Built in Washer & Dryer Surround {Laundry Room Update}

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  1. nowathomemom says:

    Oh! my! that’s a lot of work ! but I understand you, I do the same; I always tell hubby how uncomplicated a DIY project will be and then we spend an entire weekend on it! 🙂 At least it’s done and it looks great (& nope I won’t tell) love the back panel and new color too! 🙂

    • Shayna says:

      Thank you Ingrid! So. Much. Work. But totally worth the result! I’m glad I’m not the only one who underestimates DIY projects! Makes me feel better! 😉
      Thanks for keeping the secret… 🙂

  2. […] cuckoo for coco puffs about it in there. It brings such a warm contrast to our white cabinets, built in laundry surround and white […]

  3. Cecilia says:

    Oh yes! Way better and no one will ever know from me. 😉
    I usually underestimate a project too. Always something that turns up unexpectedly!

  4. […] still working on the laundry room, bit by bit, but since we completed all the large projects (see here, here & here), I’m focusing more of my time and attention on the […]

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