Black Sofa Table Makeover

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  1. Misty says:

    Looks really nice! Love the color choice, perfect!

  2. Ellie LaJuett says:

    I love your table! It looks great!

  3. Patty says:

    Too bad it does not totally fit in your home, as it looks just awesome right there. Love the paint you chose and the staging is perfect, too.

  4. barb says:

    It’s a wonder that you have a moment to spare…to do such wonderful things like your Lady Table – how aptly named and so beautifully regaled – you are surely proud of this project -thanks for sharing it!

  5. Linda Cole says:

    Cute table. Love the legs and the color!

  6. Kristi E says:

    Looks cute! Good job! Haven’t seen anything regarding your little house you have been redoing for quite a while, just wondering how it’s coming along?

  7. Barbara Ann says:

    It’s like a Little Black Dress for a lady with great legs. Is it a matte like finish?
    Just love it. Now all she needs are pearls. Or perhaps diamonds

  8. Rose says:

    Hi Shayna –

    I know how you feel, spinning out of control. I just redesigned my blog from Tumblr to WordPress.
    It took me 2 weeks to finally have it where I want it. This is spending at lease 6 hrs a day on it.
    But it is so worth it – I love how it came out.

    After the first week of 6+ hrs a day – I had to do something I was very familiar with too, I started to prepare meals for a few day. It just made me feel so good to be able to do something I love to do and was so familiar with.

    Your table is beautiful –
    Good luck with everything.
    Have a wonderful day

  9. Paige.Rose says:

    I love the black with the brown undertone highlighting/ distressing! It’s a wonderful piece & looks fantastic in your space!!


  10. Pearl says:

    Beautiful job!! It looks great in your space!

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