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  1. Sandra says:

    Hi there, I always find inspiration for little changes to my home from your lovely photographs. Those little changes have the power to make a room feel new and to make me smile whenever I see them, so thank you! My question is, are your photos able to be posted in a higher resolution, I often cannot see the details because they are a little blurry.

    Kindest regards
    New Zealand

  2. shelly says:

    Oh I’m so excited! Okay, I actually have two questions.
    First, how do you decide what materials and/or colors to use in your home? Do you just try to picture it in your head or do you sketch it out?
    And second, do you make everything for your online shop yourself or do you have others who help you? (beautiful things by the way!)

  3. I’m not sure my question will be of interest to most of your readers, but we have a cabin store in the California mountains, & I’d like to start selling some of our items online. Who helped you create your e-commerce site. I love it and your blog!
    Thanks, Chrysteen, At The Cabin

  4. Gail says:

    I have lots to say. Is creating a blog hard to do ?

  5. dawn says:

    Hi Shayna…..love your blog and love your home!!!!
    Your home has inspired me to do some decorating tweaks on my own home.
    Could you share your floor plan…..(nothing fancy…lol),.and square footage. I love the layout of what we can see!!! (But would like a feel of the whole house)

  6. Kay says:

    i love your kitchen shelf. Can you tell me where you got it?

  7. Melanie Tremblay says:

    Hello…Really love your blog!!! As a resident of Canada, I am wondering if you ship to our beautiful Provinces?

  8. Ellie LaJuett says:

    When designing a room, what do you start with? Furniture, paint color etc

  9. Janet says:

    What is the name of the toilet you installed in your master and where did you find the best price for it? Thank you!

  10. Jeri says:

    I have a couple personal questions, if you don’t mind sharing, the two of you look very young, just wandered how old you two are and how long have you been married? One more question, did you two inherit your talents and creativity from your parents? Your parents must be very proud!!!

  11. Dianne says:

    Hi Shayna,

    I just have to say I’m thrilled with your blog. And I appreciate you replying to me awhile back while I was designing my new house and asking about adding planking, shiplap and/or tongue and groove to various locations in my house. Your reply helped me immensely and gave me courage to proceed. Every time I add something to my home I ask if Shayna would use this ‘color’ or should I stick to neutrals?

    My questions:

    1. How can I get my husband to not think I’m OCD when I say ‘maybe we should hang it straight instead of crooked’ or ‘how about we don’t get paint on the new hardware or wood floors’ or ‘cleaning the kitchen also includes wiping counters and stove’ ? In other words I think you’re pretty lucky and blessed with the talented husband you have. Please tell him?

    2. Do you use an eggshell, semi-gloss or satin paint on your whites? We painted our shiplap ceilings in semi gloss and they are much too shiney. I did the rest of my ceilings, planking and doors in satin and love them. Any input on what you choose?

    3. I have ORB door hinges and hardware. Do you think if I painted the inside of some exterior doors in black or charcoal the hardware will just disappear and not look great? It’s brand new and from Emtek so I’m not changing it.

    Thank you for this Q&A opportunity. Looking forward to the other questions and answers!

  12. Mary Kaiser says:

    How old are you and Anthony? I LOVE your home & your ideas!! Keep up the great blogs!!

  13. lorelie says:

    HI, Shayna! I truly enjoy your blog and interior designing of your home! You come across as a very down-to-earth kinda gal! I have been eyeing your 4 egg baskets you have on top of cabinets, where can I find them? I know it probably won’t help me a whole lot since I’m from Canada! Also the reason I can’t order from your online store but hopefully in the near future the dollar will change! Wishing you health and peace!

  14. Marie says:

    Hi! Love your inspirational blog. How would you display and/or repurpose vintage embroidered dish towels from my husband’s grandmother?

  15. Pat Cahill says:

    Dear Shayna:

    Thank you for your Blog as it has inspired me to take on some projects. There are two questions that I have for you and your husband…I see that you are putting planking in your bathroom. What are you doing to the room to prevent mold? Where do you get the planking from?

    Again, thank you for the Blog and sharing…



  16. Gwen says:

    You mentioned doing small updates as you tackle huge projects in your home. Do you plan on changing your basic house color scheme or add pops of color in some of the rooms?

  17. Wendy says:

    I love reading your blog and Posts on Instagram and love your style and creativity. I am also married to a farmer and am curious to know how Anthony has time for non-farm related projects and how you keep your whites white having a farmer in the house. I know my mother-in-law and other farm wife friends have mentioned that projects/updates/renos to the home always come last where the farm is concerned. I would say that is fairly true in my home too. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your openness and honesty.

  18. PJ Adams says:

    Shayna: thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas. Your home is lovely.
    Where did you get the beautiful white island in your kitchen?

    Thank you, PJ

  19. Lorelie says:

    Hi Shayna! I really enjoy your blog. My question would be about your black doors, I have garden doors in my dining room and family room and am trying to decide if I should leave them white or if would work to paint them black. How or what made you decide to paint them black? And is it only the doors or is the frame also black? Thanks in advance for any help!

  20. Moriah says:

    I love your blog, your home and your store. I’m very thankful I somehow stumbled across it. I think it was when my “design girl” – the young woman I hired to help me with design choices -told me that I could put either planks or breadboard in one room of my house only so as to not get caught up in a fad and my gut was saying “No. More planking required.” Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for being real -sharing that sharing is hard, how finances are such that you cannot do it all (or even a room) at one time. It helps us connect.
    My Q is more on how you got started in blogging and your store. Maybe there’s even a link somewhere on your blog that I’ve missed, but I’d love to hear where you started and how God has brought you to this point.
    Ps-tell your hubby Thank You for all his help on your projects. We appreciate seeing what can realistically be done.

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