A Big How Great Thou Art Pillow Pre-Sale!

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  1. Yayyyyyy! Can’t wait?

  2. Patty says:

    I seriously set my alarm clock to get this pillow ordered when it first hit the market and it was sooooo worth it. It is truly one of my favorite items I own and the quality compares to none! Yes, this is a daily reminder of my dad and the song was sung at his funeral as it was his favorite hymn. I smile when I see it daily. Thank you!!!!

  3. Lilly Baldridge says:

    it looks like a great pillow with a great message. can you give us more details such fabric, dimensions, color, price, etc? Thanks!

  4. Rebecca Greber says:

    I love this pillow. I was wondering what the price will be? Thank you. Becky Greber

  5. Suzi Mara moniz says:

    Yes, it reminds my childhood singing this Hymn ! How can we forget? He was Great, He is Great and will still be Great!
    In times of trials this song comes and brings peace to my heart!
    I will order one pillow! Depends on price! ?
    I live in England! Is it going to cost too much!
    I am so so happy for you online store! Happy só see you smiling again! Being happy!
    God is Good, beautiful Shayna

  6. Yes, I’m going to want 2 of these pillows. My grandmama sang this song at a many of funerals, so I want 1 for my Aunt & 1 for myself. My mama would have loved this too.

  7. Phyllis Blackburn says:

    Please send me an email when you are opening up your site to sell this pillow!
    So excited. Like others this brings back childhood memories with my grandmother.

  8. Diane says:

    Please email me when you are ready to sell….price??

    • Shayna says:

      Hi Diane! I will be sharing the full product details and pricing this week! I have added you to my e-mail list so you’ll get notifications when it goes live! 🙂

  9. Kelly Ryan says:

    Please send me an email when you start pre orders.


  10. Niki blake says:

    Me! Email

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