3 Fall Front Porch’s: Three Ways- Day 3

Fall, Seasonal & Holiday

  1. Gwen says:

    Now I know you cleaned out this bed for the pumpkins and that’s a wise use of that space!!! Use your own gorgeous garden pumpkins!!! And did you transplant the cabbage? It adds such a nice contrast. And corn!!! So plentiful but not to me!!! Cotton!? Yes I always had a supplier. So my students could find the seed and squish it and feel its oil. Yes corn grows but I don’t know anyone that grows it here!! Mostly almonds and grapes here. You did it perfectly and inviting!!!! I stacked three pumpkins, put out a mum, a fall mat and a wreath but not like in years past. Getting tired I guess. So I’m enjoying your showcases. Thank you

  2. Jane Hayward says:

    Lovely pictures! Please do not be offended, but the plural of porch is porches!

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