Trimming Out Our Kitchen End Panel

See how we easily installed custom trim work to our kitchen cabinet end panel.

With our kitchen remodel almost coming to an end (and the full reveal coming soon!!), I wanted to share about a few more details that have really enhanced our kitchen. To add another custom touch, we wanted to trim out our kitchen end panel that frames in our refrigerator.

Since it’s right on the edge of the kitchen, and one of the first parts of the kitchen you see, leaving the end panel plain didn’t feel right. Plus, I couldn’t stop thinking that this little area would be the perfect place to hang aprons and cutting boards. And it definitely is!

A picture showing the kitchen and apron wall.

I love how easy this project is, and how much character it adds. In my opinion, custom trim work is always worth it. It adds so much detail! Here’s how we did it…

Trimming Out Our Kitchen End Panel

We started by ripping down my favorite planking material, 1/4″ underlayment. It comes in a 4’x8′ sheet and we used our table saw to cut it into 4″ strips…

A picture of the planking cut into strips.

We installed the vertical side pieces first, cutting them to the length of the ceiling to the floor. We used our brad nailer to nail them in place…

A picture of Todd installed the trim work on the end panel.

With each vertical side attached, Todd added the top and bottom piece to fill the gap…

A picture of Todd measuring to cut the planking.
A picture of Todd installing the planking.

I wanted to break the tall cabinet up into three different sections, so Todd took measurements and began cutting the horizontal pieces…

A picture of the trim work being installed.
A picture of the trim work being installed.

As soon as he had each piece installed, I started filling the nail holes with spackling, then I sanded them smooth…

A picture of me sanding the trim work.

I also caulked all the seams, and the top and sides of the wall. Caulking makes all the difference. The next day, I was ready to paint. I taped off the wall and ceiling…

A picture of the cabinet being prepped for painting.

I applied a few coats of paint (Onyx by Benjamin Moore) and once the paint dried, we had a finished end panel…

A picture of the end cabinet being painted.

To finish it off, I had Todd install three of these gold hooks. And here we are today…

A picture of the finished end panel with aprons.

Admittedly, there are several things that are different from when we first did this project, but I’m a big believer that each of these projects adds up to create the finished space you see today.

A picture showing the finished end panel with aprons hanging from hooks.

I absolutely love that this little wall gave us the perfect place to hang aprons. It’s so handy having them right here and it adds the perfect touch to our kitchen…

A picture of aprons hanging on the end panel.

I’ve always loved my aprons. They were one of the first things I learned to sew with my grandma, and seeing a few of my favorite ones displayed and ready to use makes this feel like home…

A picture of the kitchen and apron wall.

I know I’ve been sharing pictures of our kitchen already, but I’m planning on sharing the full reveal really soon… and a few other tutorials! We’ve done so much to this space and I’m so happy to have it finished! I’m excited to show you more soon!

P.S.- Does this project seem familiar? We did the same thing to our dining room cabinet too! This really is one of my favorite ways to add character!

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  1. What a brilliant idea. I have the same kind of wall but it already has the trim. Going to add some cute knobs just like you did to hang my aprons. They are all shoved into a drawer. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. You helped me so much.

  2. Looks great!! I’m getting my cabinets updated by a cabinet painter in a few weeks and now I’m considering having them add trim to our end panel as well. Right now it’s so plain and boring, but this seems like a great way to spice up the look!

  3. Beautiful job! I am curious to what’s on the other side of the panel? Why the unfinished long section in the front? Did you end up just painting that or covering it?

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