Our Master Bathroom Is Finished

Our master bathroom is finished! Take the tour to see all the finishes we selected, as well as the terrible before photos. This is one great before and after!

I’ve been so excited to share the big, exciting news! Our master bathroom is finished! And I’m sharing the big reveal below.

When we bought our Willow House, the master bathroom was one of the more “recently updated” rooms in the house. I use that expression lightly, as it was a poorly done room and it was falling apart… just like the rest of the house.

The shower was leaking, the tile floor was coming up and the vanity area was falling apart. I knew we’d never use it in its existing state, so just like the rest of the house, we gutted the bathroom and let it sit as we worked to finish more important areas in the house, like our kitchen and hall bathroom. Remodeling a house on a budget is all about setting priorities. Which space gets your time and money first? We knew we could let the gutted bathroom sit for a while.

Our Master Bathroom Is Finished!

Last year we began the process of finally remodeling our master bathroom. It’s taken a little while for me to deem it “finished”, but it finally feels done and I’m so thrilled to share how it turned out. It’s truly a great before and after.

A picture of our finished master bathroom.

Our Master Bathroom Before

Before we start in on the new bathroom we’ve worked hard to create, let’s look back at the very beginning so you can see where we started.

A picture of the bathroom vanity before.
A picture of the bathroom shower before.

I always hated that the toilet was the very first thing you saw of the master bathroom from the bedroom… what a terrible view.

A picture of the bathroom doorway and the toilet.

Eww. Ripping everything out instantly made things 100 times better. It sat like this for about a year while we worked on other areas of the house…

A picture of the bathroom gutted.
A picture of the master bathroom gutted.
A picture of the bathroom sink area gutted.

From there, you can read all about our design plan and the remodeling process.

From the start, it was my goal to make our master bathroom feel luxurious, open and bright. Even though this is a small space, 8′ 2″ long x 6′ 5″ wide, I think we nailed it.

Our Shower

The entire bathroom design was based off . I won’t tell you how long it took me to find the “right tile at the right price”, but as soon as we found , everything just fell into place. We loved the classic feeling it added, the color and how much character it would add to the room.

A picture of our finished master bathroom shower.

Because of that, it became the focal point of the entire bathroom…

A close up picture of the shower.

It was also the perfect tile to use on the shower floor…

A picture of the shower floor.

I would have loved to do the entire shower in marble, but with so many other things to finish in the house, we needed to splurge and save to make our renovation budget go further. Because of that, I chose these very affordable for the shower walls…

A picture of the shower walls.

And because I wanted the marble tile to really get all the attention, I had our shower niche tiled in the same wall tile, as well as our floating bench. It all blends together so beautifully.

A picture of the floating bench.

I ordered a set of these soap bottles to help keep things a little more tidy looking…

A picture of our shower niche and soap bottles.

Another area that we splurged, was on our shower faucet system. It completely elevated our shower.

A picture of our shower faucet system.

I really love polished nickel, especially when it’s mixed with a warmer metal, like brass, which is what I used in several of the other bathroom fixtures. The combination is lovely, and I’m so glad we splurged on this fixture. Worth it, worth it, worth it.

A picture of our shower faucet system.

We also converted the shower head to be a rain shower head and we couldn’t be happier with that choice…

A picture of our rain shower head.

And of course, I can’t forget to talk about the glass shower walls, which makes all of the pretty details we added have the ability to shine on their own.

It’s also lucky that I like polished nickel fixtures because they’re generally the cheapest finish option… and that is especially true when it came to our shower door handle and hinges.

A picture of the shower door handle.
A picture of our master bathroom shower with glass walls.

I also love how our rug brings in the warmer elements of the bathroom, like our vanity. It’s also the perfect size for the room, making it look even better.

A picture of our bathroom rug.

Our Bathroom Vanity

Even though we were limited on the size of our vanity, I really couldn’t love our vanity more! It’s the perfect addition to our small bathroom and I love the floating style. (This one is similar, but I can’t find our exact vanity anymore.)

A picture of our master bathroom vanity.
A picture of our floating bathroom vanity.

There’s so much I love about this vanity, but let’s start with the color. It’s not real wood, but you wouldn’t know it and it’s the perfect walnut color. It truly compliments all of the other cool tones in the bathroom…

A close up picture of the vanity.

I also love the white vanity top and the large sink. It feels elevated in style and I appreciate that’s a true white color…

A close up picture of the vanity.

For our faucet, I went with polished nickel and I love how it ties in with our shower faucet. Plus, this is one of the most beautiful single hole faucets I’ve found…

A picture of our vanity faucet.

I also love the soap area next to the faucet. I found this soap dispenser and it pairs perfectly with this ceramic tray. The icing on top, is the block of soap. I’m obsessed with it…

A picture our faucet and soap dispenser.

Our mirror was another great find. To make the vanity area feel larger, I wanted a taller mirror to help balance out the height of the door. This mirror was the perfect addition, and it also added in warmth with the brass finish…

A picture showing the vanity and mirror.

To help with the budget, I chose these incredibly affordable wall scones. They’re such a great price (for a set of two!!!) and the brass color is basically a perfect match with the mirror. I got lucky there, but I’ll take it!

A picture of our mirror and vanity light.

They’re also the perfect size for the bathroom and I love how well they coordinate with the mirror…

A picture of the wall scones in the bathroom.

And, I also love that they have a fabric shade. They’re so much easier to clean, especially in a bathroom with hairspray and dust…

A picture of the bathroom wall scones.

Our Bathroom Artwork

When it came time for artwork, I knew I wanted to add in some digital prints. Not only are they incredibly affordable, but I love how many options there are.

I wanted something that spoke to us, and I found it in these two prints (here and here)….

A picture showing the artwork in our bathroom.

We also installed wall moulding on this wall, which really highlights the art work, while also pairing nicely with the shape of the shower moulding and inset marble tile…

A picture of our artwork above the toilet.

The artwork is perfect above the toilet, really adding warmth and tying in perfectly with the colors in our rug. These frames are another great budget buy too, but they definitely don’t look like it…

A close up picture of our wall artwork.

I also added artwork above our towel rack

A picture of the artwork above our towel rack.

I’ve had this artwork for several years and if you’re a long time blog reader it may look familiar. It’s absolutely perfect in our bathroom. The colors tie in so nicely with the tile, while the frame adds warmth and is a similar tone to our vanity and towel rack…

A close up picture of the artwork.
A close up picture of the artwork.

We also installed more wall moulding on this wall, which adds so much character, and we built the towel rack from scrap wood. It’s the perfect, warm touch…

A picture of our wood towel rack.
A picture of the wall with our towel rack.

This bathroom may be small, but what it lacks in size, it absolutely makes up for in style…

A picture of our bathroom showing the vanity and wall of towels.

Other Elements of our Master Bathroom

I feel like our toilet paper stand definitely needs mentioned because it’s so beautiful and so budget friendly. This area isn’t very big, but I really wanted to add something that would hold a few extra rolls of toilet paper and it works great!

A picture of our toilet paper stand.

Our window blind is another great touch and it adds so much warmth, tying in with the vanity. I actually ordered a different color, but they sent this one by accident (I don’t know the exact color!) and I liked it so much I kept it…

A picture of our the blind in our master bathroom.

A cute little potted plant in the window because, why not? We also matched the window trim style to the rest of the house…

A picture of a potted plant in the window.

We matched the bathroom door hardware to the rest of the house too. I love this style of door knob and how much character it adds to our builder basic doors…

A picture of the door knob on our master bathroom door.

Our Master Bathroom Paint Colors & Room Sources

To keep our bathroom as light and bright as possible, I used my favorite Super White by Benjamin Moore. The walls are painted in an eggshell finish and all of the trim and door is painted in semi-gloss.

Bathroom Tile:

Bathroom Sources:

Below you’ll find all of the sources for the items I used…

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Side by side Comparison

Perhaps one of the most fun elements of doing a big project like this, is the before and afters.

A picture of the bathroom showing the new shower.
A picture of the bathroom shower before.
A picture of our master bathroom vanity.
A picture of the bathroom vanity before.
A picture of our finished master bathroom.
A picture of the shower before the remodel.

What a difference, right?

We couldn’t be happier with the way this bathroom came together. And what a joy it is to be able to have this as our bathroom!

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