An Update On Our Downstairs Bathroom Remodel

Below I’m sharing an update on our downstairs bathroom remodel and how far we’ve come with making this bathroom complete. 

At the beginning of the year, I shared the plans for our downstairs bathroom remodel. What was once a tiny powder bathroom and a small walk in closet with its own window is quickly turning into a lovely bathroom. 

A picture of the bathroom design elements.

With the remodel almost complete (we’re just working on the last of the finishing touches), I thought I’d share the overview of our remodel. This space has come a looong way and I look forward to sharing the finished bathroom really soon!

An Update On Our Downstairs Bathroom Remodel

With the demo done, it was time for our contractor to start putting everything back together. We had him move this wall back a few inches, making it closer to the main sewer line and making the bathroom bigger by 6 inches or so. That doesn’t sound like much, but it was the difference in our vanity size. The main sewer line stayed in the same place, as well as the existing toilet. We didn’t want to move any of that plumbing…

A picture of the downstairs bathroom.

They also framed out the new shower and built in shelves…

A picture showing the shower framed out.

They had to cut the concrete to add the shower drain and it was such a mess. They did their best, but we had a fine layer of concrete dust throughout the house. Yuck. To maximize space and add additional storage, we used this small space next to the shower as a place for built in shelves…

A picture of the built in shelves being framed.

And if you remember right from my last blog post, we had to conceal the ducting and plumbing for the laundry room, so we built out the back wall of the bathroom and increased the existing ledge. Our electrician also re-wired the bathroom and added additional lighting…

A picture of the downstairs bathroom.

Once the new drywall was in place, things started feeling much better…

A picture of the bathroom with drywall.

They also started working on building the frame for the vanity. In order to get the most usable space, we needed it to be a custom size…

A picture of the bathroom and built in vanity.
A picture of the bathroom sink plumbing.

They also finished framing in the shower, installing cement board on the walls and poured the shower pan…

A picture of the shower.
A picture of the shelves in the bathroom.

They textured the walls in knockdown to match the rest of the house and then started tiling…

A picture showing the walls being textured.

I love the floor tile! It’s such a budget friendly choice and it’s lovely!

A picture of the bathroom tile.

They started working on the shower tile too. For the floor, I went with classic white penny tile

A picture of the shower floor.

And white subway tile for the walls…

A picture of subway tile in the shower.

Once they had the tiling done, we painted the bathroom China White by Benjamin Moore and they started working on the vertical planking for some of the walls and the vanity…

A picture of the vertical planking.
A picture of the bathroom planking.

With that portion of the remodel done, Todd and I took over. We wanted to do the remaining finish work and all the finishing touches, which brings us to where we are today. We are this close to having it all finished and I can’t wait to show you the end result. Until then, here’s a little sneak peek of our progress…

A sneak peek picture of the downstairs bathroom.

This bathroom had several little quirks we had to work around, but it’s honestly one of my favorite bathroom remodels. It has so much character and special touches. I can’t wait to show more! Stay tuned for the reveal!

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  1. How exciting, Shayna! You have to be beside yourself with excitement! Yay! I am so happy for you to be able to do this huge undertaking. I dream of updating our master too, yet there seems to be a trillion reasons why we must continue delaying.

    I have waited long enough to now want to just downsize lol. Such is life, eh?

    Anyway = looking forward to your big reveal! Yippeee!!!!

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