New Dining Room Table

We recently added a new dining room table to our dining room! Suddenly, things are feeling much better!

Our dining room… sigh. It’s a hard space to figure out. With it being small in size, and right in the middle of two major walkways, figuring out the right furniture placement has been tricky. 

Since we’ve been moving furniture around to make room for the baby and her nursery, we recently moved the office furniture to our basement where we’ll be reworking everything to make things fit. The table I was using for a desk however, wasn’t going to fit. I wasn’t sure if it would work in the dining room, but it was a chance I was willing to take in order for us to have a more functional dining room. If it didn’t work, we could easily move it into storage until we knew what to do with it. Luckily, it’s just what we were looking for!

A picture of our updated dining room with a new table.

In the short amount of us living here, about a year and a half, we’ve had three different tables in the dining room. We started with a smaller, more square table which really left the walkways to our garage and back patio feeling tight…

A picture of the first dining room table.

It didn’t take long, before we switched it out with Todd’s round table adding the leaf extension, making it more oval in shape. It was a drastic improvement from the smaller square table, but the design left it difficult to fully push in our chairs and get them out of the walk ways. 

A picture of our second dining room table.

Because of the shape, we also hit our head constantly on the light fixture, frustrating us beyond belief…. 

Things did get better though, when I switched out the dining room chairs for our low back patio chairs. We’d been storing them over the winter and I thought it would be the perfect chair to try and see if the style worked for the small space…

A picture our dining room with new chairs.

Bingo! This was the answer. The lower back chairs not only created more visual space in the dining room, but they worked much better with the table. 

Our New Dining Room Table

I knew both the table and chair situation was temporary though, because I really wanted to try the table we’d bought for the office desk. Once we moved it into place, and even though it was a couple of inches longer in size, it fit the small space we had to work with perfectly. It’s much narrower in size, giving us more walk space. And as an added bonus, the patio chairs could finally push all the way under the table, giving us the largest walkway we’ve had since moving into the house. 

A picture of our new dining room table and chairs.

To top it all off, the upholstered chairs I’ve had for a few years and used in my last breakfast nook, work perfectly with the table, sliding all the way under…

A picture of the new dining room table and chairs.
A picture of our new dining room table and chairs.

Plus, they’re the perfect chair for each end of the table, and they’re so comfy…

A picture of our new dining room table and chairs.

I also love how the charcoal color of the chairs tie in with our black cabinets. Finally, things are feeling so much more like us…

A picture of our new dining room table and chairs.
A picture of our new dining room table and chairs.

Now that we have the table dilemma solved, and the end chairs, I’m officially on the search for two new side chairs since the white metal chairs will be making their way back outside to the patio. 

A picture of the new dining room table and chairs.

I think I’ve finally figure out though, that low back chairs are the best option and take up the least amount of “visual space”, so that’s what I’ll be looking for…

A picture of our new dining room table and chairs.

We’ll still also be installing a new light, and I’m thinking a pendant style will work much better given the space we have to work with. As much as I love this light (it’s really pretty in here), we’re tired of hitting our head…

A picture of our current chandelier.

I’ll also be switching out the rug. It’s a little bit too small for the space, but in the mean time, it’s working so much better with the table and set up than the other options we’ve had in here. 

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I’m so happy we played musical tables and found something that worked! As soon as it was in place, we were both amazed at how much better it worked in the small space we have. Small victories, and so far, we haven’t spent a dime, but have used what we have! 🙂 


  1. Hey. Have you thought about benches for the sides instead of chairs. One that slide completely under, two they won’t obstruct the view and three you can sit more people at the table. Just a thought.

  2. Hi! I love your blog. I was hoping you could tell me the paint color of your dining room walls? It’s the perfect off-white/warm grey I’ve been searching for. Thank you in advance!!

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