DIY “Farm” Sign

A while back I received a new PB magazine in the mail. After browsing through all those lovely glossy pages, my mind was in sign building mode. I was soo inspired by a few of their signs, that recreating them was my main focus in life.

So, one night around the dinner table I started casually asking Anthony some questions.

Just in case you’ve ever wondered what a normal dinner conversation with me is like, here’s a little sample:


Me: How many miles do you think our house is from our farm?

Anthony: What?….

Me: You know. Is it like 1 mile, 1/2 or 1/4 of a mile?

Anthony: Ummm… the house is on the farm….

Me: Well, yes, I know that. But how many miles? Do you think like half a mile?

Anthony: What?…

Me: From like, the mudroom to the field. How far is it?

Anthony: Which field?…

Me: Well, my arrow will point north, so the north field. Maybe like 1/4 of a mile, you think?

Anthony: It’s right beyond the back yard…

Me: Yes, I know that. But how far is it?

Anthony: Well, maybe like .06 of a mile?

Me: Ok. You sure? It’s going on a sign. It’s permanent.

Anthony: …. sigh….



Poor guy.

But all that questioning was worth it:

DIY Potter Barn Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

Here’s how I made it:

I grabbed an extra piece of wood from the breakfast nook plank wall, then we built a frame for the back.

Step 1 | The Wood Grain Cottage

We nailed the top in place…

step 2 | The Wood Grain Cottage

I grabbed a yard stick and pencil.

step 3 | The Wood Grain Cottage

And used the width of the yard stick to trace around the frame.

step 4 | The Wood Grain Cottage

Then, I taped off the center.

step 5 | The Wood Grain Cottage

I filled the holes and gave the outside frame a couple coats of white paint.

step 6 | The Wood Grain Cottage

I pulled off the tape and let it dry over night.

step 7 | The Wood Grain Cottage

The next day, I taped off the white painted section.

step 8 | The Wood Grain Cottage

And painted the inside with a few coats of black paint.

step 9 | The Wood Grain Cottage

I pulled off the tape and waited for the black paint to dry.

step 10 | The Wood Grain Cottage

Meanwhile, I attempted to make friends with my Silhouette machine again. In case you’re new here, I would really like to be friends with my Silhouette machine. Problem is, it doesn’t want to be friends with me…

After another very mature screaming & fit throwing session, I was finally able to get the darn thing to properly cut my wording on card stock.

…sigh…. It wasn’t my finest moment and luckily I was home alone… the darn thing is suppose to make life easier!

Finally, I traced the words onto the sign.

step 11 | The Wood Grain Cottage

And was left with a nice outline of each letter…

step 12 | The Wood Grain Cottage

A few years ago (yes, years), I picked up a couple of gold-ish tester paints from Hobby Lobby. I used two of the colors to get it right for the sign.

step 13 | The Wood Grain Cottage

With the first color, I used a small brush and painted each word.

step 14 | The Wood Grain Cottage

Then, I used the next color, which was a little more brassy than gold, and painted it over the first color.

step 15 | The Wood Grain Cottage

step 16 | The Wood Grain Cottage

While it was drying, I touched up all my “oops” with black paint and freshened up the white paint too.

It’s a lovely little sign…

DIY Potter Barn Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

The simplicity is perfect.

And, you can see that the gold & brass paint has a little sheen to it…

DIY Pottery Barn Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

I couldn’t help but take pictures with it against those lovely tree blossoms… sigh…

DIY Pottery Barn Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage


DIY Potter Barn Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

It’s real home is in the mudroom, but this proves to be the hardest room to photograph since sun light shines right on the glass of my coat rack.

DIY Pottery Barn Sign | The Wood Grain Cottage

Goodness, this sign makes me happy. It warms my heart in such a meaningful way. Since growing up on a farm and ranch, and now having our own small farm, I am beyond happy to bring that love and honor into our home.

AND, I’m so glad Anthony and I were able to agree… the house is about .06 miles away from the North field…

Shayna | The Wood Grain Cottage

P.S.- I fell in love with these signs, and they were the inspiration behind mine.

P.S.S.- If you want to see a few more of my Pottery Barn knock off’s, see here, here or here.


  1. Oh, this whole post was so enjoyable! LOVE your sign!! And, your conversation!! Reminds me of my hubby and me! The fact that your field is .06 miles is adorable!! Have a great day!~~Angela

    1. Awe- ANGELA! THANK YOU! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post- and the peak into our nightly conversations! I’m glad I’m not the only one! 😉

  2. Love the sign! I just recently discovered your blog and love everything you do! Very inspirational 🙂


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