Laundry Room Plank Wall

We get to check another big item off of our laundry room to- do list today: the plank wall!

I’ve wanted this to be done for sooo long. And just like every project we’ve done in the laundry room, this isn’t just for looks.

It has a very serious role: hiding our builders sloppy work.

I mentioned it before, but the laundry room was the last room to be finished before we moved in. Because of few big timing issues, our builders had to get the laundry room done super fast. Needless to say, it got a bit sloppy in a few areas. They also didn’t completely understand what I was asking them to do, so it all turned out a bit wonky.

By the end of the building process I was too tired to argue. That, and we were so short on time they had to be finished and gone. I knew it wasn’t even close to what I had hoped it would look like, but I was over. it. and knew that we could fix it later.

Here’s what it looks like today:

Laundry Room Plank Wall by The Wood Grain Cottage


All that hard work is paying off!

We used the same method as the breakfast nook wall to install the planks, but started at the bottom instead of the top. Not sure why, we just did. Call us rebels!

Step 1 | The Wood Grain Cottage

step 2 | The Wood Grain Cottage

step 3 | The Wood Grain Cottage

step 4 | The Wood Grain Cottage

Once the wall was done, Anthony installed the planking on the pedestal.

step 5 | The Wood Grain Cottage

This was the main reason for the entire project:

step 6 | The Wood Grain Cottage

I might have jumped up and down with excitement to have it disappear! No, crumbling grout I won’t miss you. Buh- Bye!

Once I had all the holes filled, sanded and wiped down, I painted the entire wall Super White by Benjamin Moore. It’s such a nice bright white.

step 7 | The Wood Grain Cottage

I couldn’t be any happier with the results.

Laundry Room Plank Wall by The Wood Grain Cottage

Our laundry room crates truly shine against it.

Plank wall by The Wood Grain Cottage

And my hanging ironing board rack and ironing board cover have never looked better!

Plank Laundry Room Wal by The Wood Grain Cottage

And… that hideous crumbling grout is gone!

Plank laundry room wall by The Wood Grain Cottage

Laundry Room Plank Wall by The Wood Grain Cottage

We still have a few pieces of quarter round to install at the top of the wall, but it’s basically done.

All that’s left now is the cabinet hardware, a new light and all the finishing touches.

I can’t wait to have this room done!

Shayna | The Wood Grain Cottage

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Lovely comments so far...

  1. It turned out awesome. I have been wanting to plank a wall in our home. Just have not decided what room yet. Thanx for sharing your project!

    • THANK YOU so much, Pamela! I am so happy to have it finished!
      Whatever room you choose to do your in, it will look terrific! :)

  2. Love it. At present I am painting my bathroom that has plank cedar. It has made such an amazing difference. Who says wood painted doesn’t look good(besides your husband) Mr. wood-grain. Your laundry room looks amazing. I still need to make a cover for my ironing board. Your ideas are wonderful. Keep them coming!!!

    • THANK YOU so much, Elsie! I’m loving the way it turned out too. Your planks will turn out fabulous, I have no doubt!
      That husband of mine… I think I’ll keep him though! :)
      Thank you for the sweet comment!

  3. Oooh, I wanna do laundry in there…teehee:) Polished & pretty!!! Yay…team WGC another job well done!!!

    • THANK YOU so very much, M! I’m totally enjoying it… and am begging for dirty laundry to wash! :)

  4. It looks gorgeous, Shayna!

  5. I so love this! We are working on renovating our bathroom and I love the idea of the planks. Your projects are always lovely to see and I always look forward to your future posts. :)

  6. I love it, I love everything you have done in your laundry room Shayna! :-)

  7. Tricia @ Simplicity in the South says:

    Your laundry room is gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to do white planked walls somewhere in my home and this has inspired me to quit procrastinating and get it done. I love how light and bright it’s made the room!

    • THANK YOU so much, Tricia! I love the way it looks & how it’s brightened everything up too!
      You will absolutely love yours! :)

  8. This is just beautiful! It is amazing at what some planks can do!

  9. Wow! Now, THAT is a laundry room. I love it all – the planking, the ticking stripe, the crates. Gorgeous!

  10. This is so great. I want to do a plank wall in my half bath, but haven’t gotten up the nerve to go for it yet. I think it would look so cool. I love the laundry room!!
    I would love it if you shared at my first blog party ever, Weekend Beautiful.

    • THANK YOU so very much, Shawna! I’m happy you love it! You should absolutely do a plank wall…. they’re beyond lovely!
      Thanks so much for the invite to your party. I’ll stop by to link up! :)

  11. Shayna this is just so beautiful! great work and I bet it’s a big load [pun] off your mind to have this room done. can I ask you how you dealt with the power outlet? did you use an extender to pull it forward so it rests on the plank? For the last year I’ve been stalking my house trying to decide which room to plank and they all have light switches/power outlets to contend with.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful project!

  12. I love the plank wall. Do you actually have a tutorial for it? Or can you tell me what type of wood you used?
    Thanks and Have a Blessed Day.

  13. Cecilia says:

    Beautiful transformation. It looks great! I am working on mine and hope it turns out half as well. :)
    Hugs, Cecilia

  14. This looks SO amazing – I am in love with it. Totally may have to copy this one 😉

  15. Amazing job….this is a laundry room that would be a pleasure to be in! I’m loving the wood crates underneath your washer and dryer….I’ve never seen this before but it is such a great way to be able to sort your dirty laundry and keep it out of sight….I may have to use this idea!

    Jamie |

    • THANK YOU so much for the super sweet comment, Jamie! I am loving it too— and the crates work fabulously! :)

  16. LOVE this! I am planning a laundry room makeover and needed a little more inspiration and this fit the bill!

  17. Wow. Double wow. Got here from Inspiration for Decoration and just added you to my reader list. I’m looking forward to back tracking through your projects to catch up. Wow. Did I already say that?

    • THANK YOU so very much for the super sweet comment, Deb! I’m so happy you found me! Welcome to the WGC! :)

  18. Shayna, your laundry room looks AMAZING! I hear ya on the builder’s sloppy work. We have a lot of that in our home (along with previous owner sloppy work!), but it feels so great to get it all cleaned up, doesn’t it? That wall just sets off the whole room, and those wood storage bins are super cute! Simply White looks great on the planked walls. I’d love to feature this on my paint color blog, Involving Color. Let me know if you’re interested!

    • THANK YOU so very much for the super sweet comment, Jena! :)
      I would be happy for you to share it and feature it on your blog. The paint color on the planks is Super White by Benjamin Moore and the rest of the room is Halo by Benjamin Moore. Love them both! :)

  19. okay, now i HAVE to have a planked wall in my laundry room! plus i want that ironing board hook, and those crates, and seriously, i’m so glad i found your blog through taryn at designing and diapers. you are so talented. definitely a new follower

    • THANK YOU so much for the super sweet comment, Carissa! I’m so happy to have you following along! Welcome to the WGC! :)

  20. I love the plank look. It’s s so beautiful. We are adding vertical planks in a small bathroom this weekend. I’m curious what paint you used from Benjamin Moore? I know the color but I’m wondering if it’s oil based and what sheen you used. I definitely don’t want to look glossy and yours is exactly the look I’m trying to achieve. Appriciate the help.

  21. Hi!

    Could you tell me the dimensions of your laundry room? Im working on a new build with a very similar layout for the washer and dryer but I am concerned that my space may be too narrow.

    Thank you!!!

    PS: Love the plank wall! May have to work that in too :)

    • Hi Heather! Our laundry room is 10 foot long x 44″ wide. However, where the washer, dryer and cabinets are “built into” the wall, it is 73″ wide. With them built in, everything is still 44″ wide, making everything flush. Our laundry room isn’t really wide, but I’ve honestly never had a problem with it. I hope that makes sense… 😀


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