DIY Driftwood Basket

A while back, I picked up a basket at Ross for a few dollars. I loved the shape, but wasn’t too crazy with the floral paper that it was covered in.

I probably would have felt a bit different about it if the paper wouldn’t have been peeling off the metal.

It sat in the laundry room for a good while… I never knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

But then, I found my love for driftwood and I instantly knew the basket would look fabulous covered with it.

I’m basically obsessed with it…

DIY Driftwood Basket by The Wood Grain Cottage

This was the easiest makeover ever. Just like the swing arm lamp.

Here’s what the basket looked like before. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the floral paper was peeling off in several different areas. My first though (before driftwood) was to paint it and add a cool decal. Then I realized just how much fun it would be to peel off all that paper. Not!

Driftwood was the way to go!

Baseket Before | The Wood Grain Cottage

This was seriously easy. After laying down a towel, I just started hot gluing the driftwood onto the basket. Anywhere that the paper was lifting up, I just pulled it off and glued the driftwood straight to the metal.

Easy! It’s a lot like putting together a puzzle… but the secret is the hot glue. The hotter it is, the better! Just be careful!

Driftwood Basket by The Wood Grain Cottage

This time around, I used driftwood that I found laying around the outskirts of a river. It’s a tad more bark-ish, which I love!

Driftwood Basket by The Wood Grain Cottage

For the curved top, I used smaller curved pieces of driftwood and fit them up against the rope edging as best as possible. There are a few small gaps, but I’m not worried about them.

Driftwood Basket by The Wood Grain Cottage

Once I was done adding the driftwood, I used my vacuum hose and gently went over the basket to remove any dirt and hot glue strings. That always makes a big difference!

I’m tellin’ ya… this basket is a beauty! The texture gets me every time!

DIY Driftwood Basket by The Wood Grain Cottage

I left the original handles. They work great to transport it and I love the contrast between the rope detailing and driftwood.

DIY Driftwood Basket by The Wood Grain Cottage

It’s staying in the laundry room. I’m completely cuckoo for coco puffs about it in there. It brings such a warm contrast to our white cabinets, built in laundry surround and white appliances.

Wood + White= Happy Me!

DIY Driftwood Basket by The Wood Grain Cottage

It’s a keeper!

DIY Driftwood Basket by The Wood Grain Cottage

Even though I probably wont use it to transport things from room to room, it will be used to stash unsightly laundry items.

It’s pretty & functional! Can you hear the chorus singing?

I can! Shayna | The Wood Grain Cottage

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Lovely comments so far...

  1. You have really inspired me to create something with driftwood. I am wondering if you see a reason to apply some type of sealer (spray polyurethane) after you complete the gluing? I am a little concerned about surface
    of the bark breaking off or maybe unknown bugs coming out. Any experience to share?

    • Hi RS! I am so happy that I’ve inspired you to create something with driftwood! I think you will love the results! :)
      I’ve thought about spraying it with a clear coat of poly, but I haven’t yet. The driftwood that I used on previous projects has been split from one huge piece of driftwood. Needless to say, they were much cleaner. This set of driftwood was dirtier since I gathered them individually. Vacuuming definitely helped! I don’t think a few coats of poly would hurt anything.
      With the bugs, I’ve thought about them too and even though about baking the driftwood in the oven (just like pinecones) to insure that there wasn’t any lingering residents. I haven’t had any issues so far.
      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  2. Love, love, LOVE the driftwood basket!!! Please see comments under your “summer shelves” (when possible)…love your new look too, Shayna:) Gorgeous & your eyes…oh my, beautiful!

    • THANK YOU! So happy you love this as much as me! :)
      I just responded to your LOVELY comment… you give the best compliments! THANK YOU! :)
      Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Love it! the basket looks so much better! very very pretty! :-) love everything you are updating with driftwood Shayna, it’s inexpensive and beautiful
    btw, love your new picture on the sidebar; you look gorgeous :-)

    • Thank you so very much, Ingrid! It does look so much better! :)
      Also, thank you for the lovely comment on my new picture! I definitely needed one! :)

  4. Great basket!! And love the hair!! I tried going blonde when I turned 40 and it did not work for me. Looks fabulous on you, however! Have a wonderful week.

  5. I love it Shayna! Such an awesome redesign… something so rustic chic would have cost a fortune to buy in a home décor store, too, I bet!

  6. What an amazing transformation, Shayna! I saw your picture of the basket on your July in Review page and fell in love….I just started following your blog about a week ago, and have already seen so many inspiring, creative ideas. Your photography is amazing too. Thank you for putting so much work into a wonderful blog.

    Jamie |

    • THANK YOU so very much for the super sweet comment, Jamie! I’m so happy you love the transformation too! :)

  7. Shayna! That basket needs to be out in the open for all to see! I can see it holding a giant bouquet of dried wild flowers! It’s beautiful! Take it out of the laundry room!! I’m going to do this one to something soon… Love driftwood, I feel like it’s a story all unto it self! Love, Love, Love it!! And the mirror too!

    • THANK YOU so much, Amy! I love that basket too! I’m thinking about moving things around in there, but I really, really love the way it looks with crisp white. You just never know with me! 😀

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