Dining Room Shelving

It’s no secret that we have several rooms “in progress”. For the most part, I hate leaving rooms partially finished or deemed as a “construction zone” for too long (they make me crazy), but I think they turn out the best when they evolve over time. Sure, I have a plan and inspiration for each room, but there’s nothing worse than having a closed mind when transforming a room. Right?

And just because I already have a few other rooms in progress, doesn’t mean I can’t add one more to the list.

Currently, I’m working on:

-The Breakfast Nook- almost done!

-The Laundry Room

-The Powder Bathroom

-The Kitchen

And now:

-The Dining Room

Although to be entirely fair, I’ve been working on the dining room in my head for months. I even mentioned it in our goal list for 2013. I’ve tried to hold off on adding another project room, but I can’t get the dining room out of my head. To the list it goes.

Here’s what we started with:

Dining Room | The Wood Grain Cottage


Dining Room | The Wood Grain Cottage

But then, I moved the furniture around, added wicker end chairs, changed accessories, added curtains and bought a rug, which left us with this:

Dining Room | The Wood Grain Cottage

Dining Room | The Wood Grain Cottage

Already the room feels so much bigger! But, I rearranged the furniture with one thing in mind: adding a floor to ceiling shelving unit that will be the length of the main wall behind the table.

A lot like this:

The Handmade Home

A little like this:

A Keen Life

And something similar to this:

kitchen inspiration - industrial shelves

From Pinterest

The wheels are spinning. I’ve already told Anthony to get ready to weld the side bars. He’s thrilled and said something about finishing one room before we add another one… yada, yada, yada.

I’m also on the hunt for a few large wood beams for the shelving. It’ll happen. I’m that determined, or crazy, whatever way you want to look at it. Although, I prefer determined.

It goes without saying that I’ve already been making regular stops to the local thrift stores. With all those shelves, I’ll need accessories. I’ve started a little collection, but I have a long way to go.

I’m excited to finally put this idea on paper, aka the blog.  It fits our personalities, will offer more storage to the dining room and give me the opportunity to display some very special dinnerware that’s been locked away in drawers and boxes. It’s love on all accounts.

I’m hoping to have something to show you soon.

In the mean time, check out my pinterest board which shows how much I love shelving and bookcases. For real.


Shayna | The Wood Grain Cottage

Lovely comments so far...

  1. I LOVE bookcases and shelves too! a bit too much but I really really love them! I love that you changed the layout of your dining room, the space looks bigger and the pictures from Pinterest are beautiful for inspiration! I’m sure they will look great! it’s funny because we are currently working on our living room basement to create a safe space for our son to play around, so we had to remove 3 out of 5 bookcases we had there and moved them to our dining room area; I love how the area looks with bookcases; now I just need to decorate them! :-) I’m sure your space will look amazing! & don’t worry like you I have too many spaces/rooms in our house I haven’t finished yet and I dislike leaving things uncompleted too but time and money are limited so I will have to wait a bit longer to continue! Have a great week! :-)

  2. I love those shelves! Can’t wait to see how you do it under $30 for our next $30 Thursday……kidding!!! Seriously, I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I am also completely obsessed with The Handmade Home! :)

    • Thanks April! You are soo funny! 😉 But you know if I could figure out how to do those for $30, I totally would! :)
      Big smiles!


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