Breakfast Nook Bench Cushion

Hey there!

I’m back with another update for the breakfast nook. This little space has been making some serious progress…

Breakfast Nook Bench Cushion | The Wood Grain Cottage

Originally, I thought that I would break out my sewing skills and whip up a cover for the bench cushion. I was all about doing it myself… I mean, with the help of my grandma. She’s got serious sewing skills.

But, after she came over and we went over my idea, she suggested that for the best results I take it to the local upholstery guy. And because I really didn’t want the cushion & cover to look poorly done, I went with her suggestion.

I gathered my fabric, foam and measurements and headed out. When I dropped everything off the gentleman told me he would have it completed the end of the next week. We agreed on the price and I left happy.

Well, the end of the next week came and went. Then the next week. And then another week. I called several times and was given the same answer, “It’ll be done soon”. Vague, huh?

A month later I got the call to pick them up. I was overly anxious to get them home. Seriously, at this point I could have made them myself…

When I got home I put the cushions in place and…. they were too long. Perfect! I was so mad, but convinced myself this was a very minor problem to have.

Cushion | The Wood Grain Cottage

The next day I packed the cushions back to the car and headed to the upholstery shop. Luckily, when I dropped off all my supplies I had made a drawing showing the exact dimensions of the cushions. Smart lady. He made them wrong!

A day later I had the cushions back at home. And they fit. Thank goodness. I might have lost all sanity.

I’m so happy to have them back. They look wonderful!

Breakfast Nook Bench Cushion | The Wood Grain Cottage

And the texture of the fabric is so yummy!

Breakfast Nook Bench Cushion | The Wood Grain Cottage

Breakfast Nook Bench Cushion | The Wood Grain Cottage

Now that the cushions are done, I can get busy sewing pillow covers. I’ve been waiting to make sure everything works together…

One more thing off the list, which means this room is almost done.

Shayna | The Wood Grain Cottage

P.S.- Instead of using the foam from JoAnn’s, or somewhere like that, I decided to save money and cut up 2 queen foam mattress pads. The upholstery guy shaped and glued them together, then wrapped them with batting. You can’t even tell that I didn’t use the expensive foam- and the price was cut in half ! They’re just as sturdy too! :)

Lovely comments so far...

  1. The cusions look wonderful~even if it took a month plus remake, but wonderful!!

  2. I love how they look! :-) now, I can’t wait to see those new cover pillows you will be sewing! :-)

  3. Looks beautiful! How thick is your foam?

    • THANK YOU Tania! The cushion is 4″ thick. One I cut the foam mattress pads I stacked two of them together and the upholstery guy glued them together. They are sturdy- and very comfortable! :)

  4. Do you remember what kind of fabric that you used? Manufacturer/ design? Thank you.

    • Hi Danielle! The fabric is actually a muslin… I will check to see if I can find a bit more info on the manufacturer/ design.
      Hold tight! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Hi Shayna! I’ve been looking at your stuff all day!! I love everything you’ve done! Did y’all build the breakfast nook bench yourself? If so, is there a tutorial I have missed?!

  6. Just gorgeous!! I would love to do this in our kitchen as well. Just curious how long your bench is? I never thought of splitting the cushions in two, but it looks great.

    I just stumbled across your blog from Pinterest (via your dining room shelves) and LOVE everything I have seen so far! You have a beautiful home and blog.

    Take care,

    • Thank you so much, Sara! So happy you found me- Welcome! Our bench is 11′ 6″. When we built it, I was a bit worried about the cushion being split into two, but it’s been very handy! I would definitely do it again! Hope that helps! :)

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