Dining Room Curtains

Alrighty. I know you’ve all been curious about what I did with the original breakfast nook curtains. And because I put a ton of blood, sweat and tears into those curtains, they had to find a happy home.

And I’m proud to say that they’re happier than they’ve ever been. :)

Dining 1

One day, I walked by the breakfast nook, had an idea, and stopped abruptly. What if I moved the curtains into the dining room? Bingo!

Dining Room 2

A new idea was formed and from that day on my mind was set on moving them.

I couldn’t wait to get them hung up in the new room. I was overly anxious to see how the two different blue colors would play off of each other.

Dining Room 5

They compliment each other beautifully. And I’m thrilled with how the tradition pattern of the drapes is making the dining room seem more formal.

Dining Room 4

Dining Room 3

Lots of ideas and plans are running through my head for the dining room- and these fit into it perfectly!

All is happy at The Wood Grain Cottage- including the curtains. :)

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Lovely comments so far...

  1. I like their new home, they look great 😉

  2. Beautiful, as always!

  3. I love them with the blue walls! Looks great! I wondered where you got the fabric for the curtains….I’ve looked around but can’t find it. Love your blog!

    • Thank you Kristin! I wish I knew the fabric name, but I bought it at our local fabric store and they don’t carry it anymore. SORRY! If I happen to find it again, I will let you know! :)

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