Master Bathroom Demo

Master Bathroom Demo by The Wood Grain Cottage

Our master bathroom tile is officially gone! I’m sharing the progress update from the demolition. And yikes, our house is a total disaster! 馃榾 Last time I updated you on our master bathroom we were in the process of meeting with our contractor and the tile guy to begin the first phase of ripping out {read more…}

Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

Huge Front Porch Welcome Sign by The Wood Grain Cottage

If you’re looking to spruce up your front porch for Fall, here are some decorating ideas to get your creativity going. There’s no better way to make your home feel welcome, than by decorating your front porch. Big or small porch, these simple ideas will work in any size space. They are all very easy {read more…}

A Walk Around Our Property

A Walk Around Our Property by The Wood Grain Cottage

Today I’m sharing the view from a walk around our property… I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I went for a walk the other night, just as I do so often. The weather was perfect and the setting sun was casting a beautiful glow on everything it touched. I absolutely love {read more…}

Master Bedroom Dresser Night Stand

Master Bedroom Dresser Makeover by The Wood Grain Cottage

Bedrooms need storage, and there’s no better way to add that than by converting a dresser into a night stand. It offers more storage space, all while giving the flexibility of size, shape, and form to match your decor style. See how I transformed our master bedroom dresser into a night stand… One thing I’ve {read more…}

Laundry Room Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Hardware in the Laundry Room by The Wood Grain Cottage-5

Cabinet hardware makes a huge difference for cabinetry. Not only is it functional, but it’s also a great way to identify and create a style. We recently installed cabinet hardware in our laundry room, and I am completely amazed at how much it has changed the room, and how much more expensive the cabinets look! {read more…}

Master Bathroom Tile Drama

Master Bathroom Tile by The Wood Grain Cottage

I had to think long and hard before naming this post. Nothing seemed to fit quite right, except for the word “drama”. Problem is, I really, really, really dislike drama of any nature. I don’t want any part of it. Unfortunately, our master bathroom has decided otherwise, and we’ve been dealing with its tile issues {read more…}

Bedroom Night Stand Makeover

Bedroom Night Stand Makeover by The Wood Grain Cottage

Before I gave this bedroom night stand a makeover, it was dark, dated and a little depressed. See how the power of paint and a little bit of hard work transformed this beautiful night stand! I’m slowly working on our master bedroom. It’s always been the room that “collects” things. If I don’t know where {read more…}

Fixer Upper: The Steps for the Flip

Fixer Upper Update- Cabinets & Tile by The Wood Grain Cottage-2

I’ve had a few questions about the steps of the fixer upper, and how we knew what to tackle as the stages of the renovation moved along. Today I’m going to narrow down the specific stages we went through in order to complete the fixer upper. When we first bought the house, we knew there {read more…}

Decorating with Tree Branches

Decorate with tree branches! Easy, inexpensive, and perfect for every season! By The Wood Grain Cottage

Want to know my secret for adding that perfect pop of color, texture and amazing, real life decor to any season? Decorating with tree branches! They are the perfect way to bring any season into your home, all while being free from your yard! And bonus, it’s a great way to give your tree/ shrub/ {read more…}

Antique Kitchen Clock

Vintage Kitchen Clock by The Wood Grain Cottage

Bring a bit of character to your home with an antique clock. Given to me by a friend, I was on a search to find the perfect place to put it. Now, it’s happy in the kitchen, and I’m happy to look at it every day. Here’s the story of our antique kitchen clock… Now {read more…}