How To Clean & Restore an Old Cutting Board

How To Clean & Restore an Old Cutting Board by The Wood Grain Cottage

A few months back I was at an estate sale and ran into a thick butcher block cutting board. It was dirty. And gross. And I almost didn’t take it because it looked absolutely disgusting. But, I do have a deep love for cutting boards… I also knew I could restore it back to its {read more…}

Two Toned Table

Two Toned Table by The Wood Grain Cottage

A while back I was doing a bit of thrift store shopping when I bumped into a small beauty of a table. Needless to say, a short while later I was loading it up into the back of my truck and headed home with a big smile on my face. I just knew it would {read more…}

Barn Beam Floating Bench

Barn Beam Floating Bench by The Wood Grain Cottage

Our mudroom. It’s becoming one of my very favorite makeovers… and with the addition of our latest project, well it’s absolutely pushing it over the edge… At the very start of our mudroom makeover, I knew I wanted two things. One, a floating bench to store baskets and items underneath, and two, better organization. And {read more…}

Fence Picket Coat Rack

Fence Picket Coat Rack by The Wood Grain Cottage

I’m back today to share another mudroom update. I figured it was time to make a new coat rack since I took the last one down. Besides, the whole point of this makeover was to better organize things, not have our coats and hats laying on the breakfast nook table. True story… So today it’s {read more…}

Living Room Wood Chandelier

Living Room Wood Light by The Wood Grain Cottage

I’m sure by now you know we have a thing for wood…. And I’m sure you also know that I love the combination of white and wood. It does all sorts of silly things to me, like giving me heart palpitations… We’ve also been slowly working on our living room. Emphasis on slowly. But, as {read more…}

Mini Cherry Pies

Mini Cherry Pies

I come from a family who absolutely adores pie. We each request our favorite pie for birthday celebrations, Holidays, and any regular ol’ day. My mom just happens to have a collection of amazing pie recipes… and a top notch pie crust! Last weekend Anthony, my dad and my brother were busy on the tractors {read more…}

Spring Decorating

Spring Decorating by The Wood Grain Cottage

It’s certainly felt like spring here. Tractor work is in full swing and the farm ground is dramatically changing all around us. It’s such a refreshing site. To make the inside of our home feel as fresh and spring-y as the outside, I decided to do a bit of spring decorating. If you’ve been following {read more…}

Black Mudroom Door

Black Mudroom Door by The Wood Grain Cottage

Remember when I talked about painting our mudroom door? Its never been painted since we’ve built our home (… I know…), so it was long over due. I debated about it for a while, and spent my free time looking at paint color chips, but in the end I decided on black. If you follow {read more…}

Magazine Feature

Magazine Feature by The Wood Grain Cottage

Happy Friday! Today, I have some really exciting news! A few months ago Woman’s World contacted me and asked if they could publish my Laundry Room Farmhouse Light in their magazine!   I was absolutely blown away by it, but of course I told them YES! It was absolutely amazing to go to the grocery {read more…}

DIY Beef Butcher Guide Canvas


Happy Thursday! Today, April from House by Hoff and Jen from Migonis Home and I have joined forces to bring you our monthly $30 Thursday challenge. In case you’re new here, $30 Thursday takes place the first Thursday of each month and we each share a project or idea that you can recreate for $30 {read more…}