DIY Tea Towel Pillows

Use kitchen tea towels to make your own pillows! Full tutorial by The Wood Grain Cottage

I’m in the middle of a bunch of projects. I’m here, I’m there… I’m everywhere! But in the mean time, I decided I needed to sew a few easy pillows. Pillows make everything else in the day so much better. I mean, there almost isn’t anything better than having a bunch of pillows to brighten {read more…}

DIY Shipping Counter

How To Build Shipping Counters. Full tutorial by The Wood Grain Cottage

I’m so very excited to share one of our latest builds for the loft and online shop. In order to have a designated product/ shipping area, I knew we were going to need some specific items that would serve as amazing storage and organizing, all while working around our tricky A-frame walls. With that, our {read more…}

DIY Scrap Wood Letter

Wood Letters made from Scrap Wood. Full tutorial by The Wood Grain Cottage

Our scrap wood pile has been growing with all the DIY projects we’ve been making. Luckily, I really like to dig through it to see what my options are. It’s one of my favorite past times, and a challenge I look forward to. Creating something amazing out of scraps= a bunch of fun! And since {read more…}

Behind The Scenes 2

How Great Thou Art Pillow by The Wood Grain Cottage

It’s time for another “behind the scenes”. There is so much going on right now, but I’m sure the thing you’re most curious about, is our online shop. Me too, my friend, me too! I had originally planned on having the shop open by May 1st. Just in case you want to check your calendar, {read more…}

DIY Grocery Sign

DIY Grocery Sign by The Wood Grain Cottage

I decided last week it was time to make another sign. I’ll go months between making them, but then I get a new idea and… well, the rest is history. They can be a bit tedious, especially if you have a bunch of small letters, and especially if you do it all by hand. I {read more…}

Bird House Makeover

Bird House Makeover. Full tutorial by The Wood Grain Cottage

I love hearing the birds chirp. It’s such a happy sound! And since we don’t have very big trees, I love it when they do decide to stop by and sing a tune for the house. That’s exactly why I was so excited to have a cute little bird house to give a makeover. I {read more…}

Looking Back

Spring Home Tour by The Wood Grain Cottage

Today I thought it would be fun to look back at the growth we’ve made in the 3 years since we’ve built our home. It’s been such a fun journey, and one we’re still working on! I really believe it’s important to look back and see the progress we’ve made. Not only does it show {read more…}

All Over the Place

Spring Home Tour by The Wood Grain Cottage

There are a few things you may have noticed about me. One of them being, I tend to start on a room, complete a few projects, get it looking close to how I want, then leave it and drop it cold. Ouch. Sorry about that. And I’m even more sorry if you’re waiting for the {read more…}

Custom Chalkboard Wall Paint

How to make your own custom chalkboard paint color. Full tutorial by The Wood Grain Cottage

It’s time for another online shop update! The loft is coming along beautifully! We still have bunch to do, but it feels so great to have everything done in order for us to start on the actual furniture pieces that will play huge roles in the organizing and shipping of our items! Today, I wanted {read more…}

Picture It: Bedroom Design Inspiration

Bedroom Design by The Wood Grain Cottage

Today I’m excited to share a new Picture It: Design Inspiration. I love creating a room based off of a single beautiful image, and this month I’m focusing my attention on designing a mood board specifically for a bedroom. I know I can’t be the only one with a bedroom full of random left-over furniture, {read more…}